Mastery Empowerment Course
With Founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
Anrita Melchizedek

Special Offer #1 Includes:

The Atlantean Pyramid, the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Light and the Solar Eclipse Gateway

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

December 4th, 2021

10 am PT / 11 am MT / 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT

Special Offer #1: 90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


2 Payment Option Available

With the Solar Eclipse Gateway on December 4th highlighting the expansion of the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution in Soul Embodiment, we are invited to travel the Atlantean timelines, entering the Pyramid of Atlantis, and connecting into the 12 Master Crystal Temples within Atlantis.

The Pyramid of Atlantis etherically houses the 12 Master Crystal Temples from Atlantis, which opens the dimensional portals to all dimensions of Light, to all Golden Ages of Light, and with this, allows the Crystalline Consciousness emanating from these Master Crystals to activate at a cellular level, and through the chakras, taking us collectively into the next dimensional octave of Cosmic Christ Consciousness as One Heart and One Love. To the knowing sweet ones, that we are Supreme Creator and Source Light within the Quantum Field of Unity Consciousness.  And to heal what needs to be healed, and to truly experience and know ourselves in our full magnificence and Light through the celebration of our Divinity and the Divinity of All.

Join us as we travel in Soul consciousness into the Golden Pyramid of Atlantis, and from here, enter each one of the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and with Thoth as our Master Guide.

We experience a deeper integration and activation of these twelve Master Crystals, as they activate through the 12 primary chakras within our bodies, and additionally draw up all the gifts, sacred geometries and healing energies of the Atlantean Light Grid Crystalline frequencies through affirmations, invocations and the Christed Timelines.

From here, we enter into the Halls of Amenti and experience the personal living library of our Golden Age lifetimes and service work in Atlantis.

These Twelve Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis are:

  • The Diamond Crystal Temple of Multidimensional Interface
  • The Ruby Fire Crystal Temple of Energy
  • The Rose Crystal Temple of Creative Energy
  • The Sacred Crystal Temple of Thoth
  • The Emerald Crystal Temple of Healing
  • The Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration
  • The Violet Crystal Temple of Sound
  • The Blue Crystal of Knowledge
  • The Platinum Crystal Temple of Communication
  • The Silver Crystal Temple of Divine Love
  • The Golden-White Crystal Temple of Unity Consciousness
  • The Sun-Moon Crystal Temple of Light

Join us in this powerful transmission of Light, as together we co-create Heaven on Earth in this sacred Golden Age of Light, and in this powerful Now moment of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. And so it is.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.

Special Offer #2 Includes:

The Arcturian 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light

Get a 2nd Masterclass Transmission for Home Study for $11 When Purchased with Option 1:

Special Offer #2: 2nd Masterclass Transmission with Option 1


2 Payment Option Available

Join Anrita in this masterclass as we connect with the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light and travel to their Crystal Temple of Light to experience and activate the Arcturian 5D Templating Crystalline Cloak of Light.

The Arcturian Emissaries of the Light are 5th – 7th dimensional Light Beings, advanced healing technicians and master healers, who have gifted us with many wonderful Spiritual tools and techniques, and now offer us another multidimensional healing tool.

The Arcturian 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light radiates and activates the new earth templates, neutralizes lower frequencies and contains within it, numerous programs of Light. Each Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light contains both individual and collective Light signatures. What this means is that whatever you are still working with, from a 3D perspective individually, will be recalibrating to the highest energy signature possible according to your level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, and following this, allow you to radiate these Light signatures to others through your individual Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light. In essence, this is a multidimensional Light cloak containing numerous programs of Light that creates frequency and dimensional remodulation and can be likened to a master crystal with unlimited points of Light.

To start with, you will activate your Light Body/Merkaba field assisted by the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light through their Merkaba counterpart in Arcturus. You will then be taken in Soul consciousness into the Arcturian Crystal Temple of Light, a multidimensional “Central Station” also used by many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High to assist earth Souls and other beings in the ascension process.

Within a beautiful diamond octahedronal shaped Temple of Light, you will receive your 5D Templating Crystalline Cloak of Light. The Arcturian Emissaries of Light will initially activate several programs of Light through your 5D Templating Cloak of Light, and you will then have the opportunity to activate your own individual programs of Light.

Programs activated include:

  • Light Quotient Building
  • Soul matrix amplifier
  • Diamond Cylinder activation
  • Multidimensional Healing ~ past, present and future
  • Healing heart activation
  • Karmic rebalancing
  • Matrix Removal Programs
  • 3D to 5D alignment
  • Cellular clearing
  • Multidimensional Light body activation
  • Light Synthesis Activation
  • Soul purpose review
  • Divine Love reactivation
  • New Earth Template activation

The advanced technologies of the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light are available to us all, and this beautiful 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light further activates many of the individual and collective key codes and Light frequencies we are needing simply by giving our permission. The Arcturian Emissaries of the Light are looking forward to connecting with us and assisting us on our ascension journey.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.

Option 3: Purchase Anrita’s Special Offer and receive these two Masterclasses as part of your package.


These Mystery School teachings, offered as twelve beautiful transmissions, each 90-120 minutes in length, take you ever deeper into the remembrance of yourselves as Initiates of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

As timeless teachings, they are presented in the form of invocations, affirmations and guided visualizations with energetically encoded frequencies, Overlighted by the Order of Melchizedek as well as many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High such as the Archangels, Mighty Elohim and Christed Extra-terrestrials.

Each Mp3 download comes with and without background music, and in some cases, transcribes are further provided.

Special Offer #1: 90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


Special Offer #2: 2nd Masterclass Transmission with Option 1


Option 3: Included in Anrita's Special Offer On


What People Have To Say About Anrita

Hello Anrita

In joyous celebration of your glory and greatness I write to thank you for sharing your light with the universe. Your home on the web is one of ecstatic inspiration as you are an impressive individual whose life and work touch the purest depths of one’s soul. I found everything to be illuminating and insightful. You have my respect and admiration. By giving of yourself in such an uplifting way you benefit yourself and others. Know that you are a transformational force. Thank you for blessing the universe with the beauty of your true self. I wish you a journey of awakening that serves the highest good.


Namaste Anrita,

This initiation was astoundingly beautiful and impactful! I feel so honored to arrive at this sacred place, to come full circle, after such a long journey of invaluable life lessons and soul work. The love flowing in my heart for me, you, and others is palpable. Thank you so much for all your courage and dedication, you are so uplifting and inspiring!

Love and blessings,


Hi Anrita-

Your work has made such a huge difference on my journey over the past year. I don’t think I’ve cried as much with anyone else’s work — deep tears of revelations, releasing of layers that carry much for humanity well beyond any particular lifetimes, remembrances of Who and What I truly Am… way way way beyond words. Goodness, though there are times, like now, where it just all seems so beyond tiring I just want to be done, somehow I feel it IS the homestretch. Your Presence is one of the things that has helped me keep going! So Grateful for that.

Infinite Blessings,


About Anrita Melchizedek

Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, an ascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light in the form of ebooks, Mp3’s, CD’s and audio DVD’s, as well as vibrational energy products. In her personal capacity, Anrita is an author, channel, star ambassador and workshop facilitator. She further has the gift of healing, and focuses this energy through the ascension workshops and lectures that she facilitates primarily on a global level. Anrita is a master teacher and also offers many training programs via tele/webinar as well as individual consultations, including DNA activations, Light Body/Merkaba activations, Soul purpose activations and channeled readings by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek. Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery


Priestess, Healer, Intuitive Apothecarist, Starseed, Light Weaver, Life Coach, Angel Messenger, Wayshower, Catalyst, Empath, Host, Soul Reader and Mother.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Transmitter and Soul Reader I feel and work within the New Earth Crystalline templates. I draw upon Light codes of potentiality within the energy fields of others and with this, assist the Light Tribe in weaving their codes of potentiality into their greatest expression of Service.

I have 25 plus years of experience within the Spiritual arena. I have created hundreds of ascension programs and eBooks over the years, presented numerous telewebinars, workshops and courses, and has been both a summit host as well as presenter.

My deepest desire is to assist all awakening and awakened Souls to share their amazing gifts with a wider audience, and to deepen into the next level of their Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light.

My greatest joy is to be of service to the Light Tribe.

Special Offer #1: 90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


Special Offer #2: 2nd Masterclass Transmission with Option 1


Option 3: Included in Anrita's Special Offer On