You’re invited

to speak, teach or present on NEW EARTH ONE NETWORK,
a place where folks come to develop and enhance their inner wisdom and expand consciousness.

Share Your Wisdom with Our Global Audience!

If you’re reading this private webpage, then you’ve been heart-selected by our founder, Lauren Galey,  to share on this New Earth Platform.  Your wisdom, knowledge & experience is beneficial and supportive to our audience and we invite you to this New Earth Partnership.

We are excited to share in this journey with you!

Here are the 3D details that will help you understand how this works:  Our pre-recorded video (via Zoom) will be about 1 hour long, and can be in interview or presentation format to allow you the optimal opportunity to present your material.

  • Interview format is with Lauren Galey, who will ask questions that best bring out your story and information.
  • Presentation format allows you the teaching space to share a lecture (w/powerpoint if applicable) with Q&A afterwards with Lauren.

Here are your next steps: 

  1.  Pick a Date for your recording with Lauren – see calendar below (Please note: If you cannot find  a date that suits you, please contact Lauren for a specialized date)

  2. Submit your course information, bio and headshot (below). You’ll also indicate your preference for Interview or Presentation Format.

  3. OPTION: Co-Create with us! Let us know if you’d like to teach webinar(s) for our audience. We build & promote on our site. You teach the course on zoom or your favorite platform. We promote to our global audience and handle email fulfillment of course and recordings.  You earn a 50% commission payable within a few days of the event. This is not a requirement, but a great way to expand on current courses your teaching or would like to offer.


Speaker Registration

Please enter your contact details below. This information will be used to build your interview page on the website.
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Name the title of your presentation
Add a few words of enticing description!
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Special Offer for our Audience

You are invited to craete a special offer for sale on our website, that will create opportunities for our audience to learn from you. The items in this offer can be a personal session with you, online teachings, webinars, courses or MP3 downloads. You will earn an industry-standard 50% commission. This is an option and not a requirement.

Opportunities to Teach on NEO Network (copy)

Many of our speakers go on to teach at New Earth One Network. If you would like to teach a webinar-for-purchase on the wisdom you hold, then we invite you to join the Faculty at NEO Network. We'll send more information on how this works depending on your reply below.