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Starship Earth

Beautiful Film of Gaia, Starship Earth by Dan Eckert

Spaceship Earth from Dan Eckert on Vimeo.

NEW EARTH NATION NOW from ella vibsuals on Vimeo.

NEW EARTH NATION NOW from ella vibsuals

New Earth Nation Founder Speech_Sacha Stone
Vibrational Sounds and Images_ella vibsuals

Duality has been a great teacher and the ‘trial of separation’ a potent idea for the formation of human soul-expression but they are now almost obsolete and will find little purchase in the new emerges as the true event-horizon and perfectly describes the quantum of the awakened human heart.
~sacha stone~

New Earth Nation founder speech, Sacha Stone, telling us a new way of experimenting life in Earth, far away from fear and control imposed so far by the leaders of the ancient world. A New Earth community based in self-determination and love.

Starship Earth

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