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to Speak, Present or Teach on NEW EARTH ONE NETWORK
a place where folks come to develop and enhance their inner wisdom and evolve in consciousness

You’re invited to Collaborate with New Earth One!

New Earth One Network is a teaching platform for Heart-Centered, New Earth Living and Unity Consciousness.

Share Your Wisdom with Our Global Audience in Online Summit Series!

If you’re reading this private webpage, then you’ve been heart-selected by our founder, Lauren Galey,  to share on this New Earth Platform.  Your wisdom, knowledge & experience is beneficial and supportive to our audience and we invite you to this New Earth Partnership.  You’ll be promoted  to our global audience who will have the option to enroll in your online webinar(s), course or other offerings. 

We are excited to share in this journey with you! 

Here are the 3D Details of how this works:  You will host a webinar or online class series we call a “Mastery Empowerment Course” that consists of a free introductory class – 1 hour (pre-recorded with Lauren)  This details your course topic and offers an option to purchase your online course or webinar, or Special Offer of programs.   It is broadcast at a later time to our global network in an upcoming Summit Series.

Here’s How it Works: 

Step 1:   Schedule to Record Free Introduction Course: this is 1 hour introductory instruction and promotes your paid course/webinar series or Special Offer. Schedule a date to record this free course on Zoom with Lauren Galey (see below).

Step 2:  Your Course & Event (or special offer) will be promoted to our global audience on NEO Network, and via email newsletter, to generate sales of your offer/webinar(s)/personal sessions, etc.

Step 3 (if you offer a live webinar): You host the webinar for purchase  and we’ll take care of registration, fulfillment, email reminders and replays.  NOTE***We can also co-host with you upon request.  You’ll upload recordings on a filedrop link provided by us.

  • NOTE – if you wish to simply post your event(s), and bypass the recording for the free introduction course in Step 1 – click  here  and we’ll promote your event to our network.

You’ll Get Promoted to our Global Audience & Earn 50% Commission

This is a New Earth Partnership and we join together with Integrity in what we each bring, and how we operate in co-creation. All events are in the highest interest of All as we offer  information  focusing on New Earth ideas, solutions, creations. Together, we grow abundance as we offer life-changing offerings that bring New Earth with love, joy, passion and compassion. 

Revenue Share:  In New Earth Equanimity, you’ll receive 50% commission on net sales of your program/webinar or Special Offer.

If you have any questions about this invitation, please email

Thank you for sharing your Wisdom in this Partnership! 



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“Working with the NEO Network has been very rewarding both emotionally and financially!
Lauren and her team did such a great job of promoting this course, it is overflowing! I feel this business model of a 50/50 split
makes us all prosper! The NEO Network audience is a perfect fit for what I teach and has been building over the past 20 years and I am very glad I don’t have to reinvent the wheel of how to do that.  The NEO Network is very easy to work with. I am very happy with our partnership!”
Kathleen Nagy, The Sound Lady