New Earth Modalities with the Ascended Masters
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The summit will go live from Friday, December 10 thru Sunday, December 12, 2021.

In planning this event, we recognize that there is a massive transfer of wealth and rise of higher consciousness underway and that high-vibe spiritual healers, practitioners, coaches, and leaders in action have a KEY ROLE TO PLAY.

This gathering is dedicated to showing them exactly how to unleash the power of hidden energetics and needle-moving strategies to sustain higher states of consciousness, money, and spiritual leadership.

So that together we can raise consciousness on the planet, one LEADER at a time.

Instead of passively watching, participants will be actively engaged, experiencing, and embodying this energetic transmission and roadmap to New-Earth.

Likewise, we are inviting all speakers to go beyond a regular “talk” or presentation, and offer something that will powerfully shift the attendees’ consciousness and create immediate and lasting income leaps.

-Speakers have the opportunity offer a product or service for sale. This is a captive audience of folks interested in your work, and it’s a wonderful way to receive an energy exchange for the information you share in this program! If you need assistance with this, please email Lauren Galey here or scroll down to bottom of this page to add your special offer.

-Speakers agree to send two solo emails announcing the conference during the promo period (December 2nd thru December 12)

Thank you for your time, service, and generosity!

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New Earth Modalities with the Ascended Masters

Enter 2022 on Your Highest Timeline

12/12 Stargate 3 Day Global Retreat
December 10, 11, 12

Masterclass with Top Experts in New Earth, Spiritual Leadership & Highly Effective Modalities!

Promotional Materials

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