Where’s my product? Where’s my replay link? I received payment confirmation, but I don’t see the email with my product delivery.2020-02-20T03:50:53-07:00

As soon as it is available, we send out an email with your product information and delivery. Please check that you are receiving our emails and that they are not going into your “spam” folder.

If you are a Gmail user, please go to your promotions folder in your Gmail inbox. Find our email, then click and drag it into your primary inbox. This will ensure that you get all of our emails going forward.

How do I get the file to play on my Mac/iPad/iPhone? The audio files I download to my iPhone/iPad/Mac only play for a few minutes or don’t download at all. What do I do?2020-02-20T03:47:10-07:00

If you wish to download MP3s or Audio files to your Apple device, you can do one of two things:

  1. Run the audios through iTunes (if you know how to do this)
  2. Use the FREE APP by Mediafire. This will store and play your audio files.
Do I need to Pay for a MediaFire Account?2020-02-20T03:45:25-07:00

No. To download our files to an iphone, ipad or Mac, you can use the FREE APP. This will store and play your MP3 and audio files.

How can I re-subscribe to your newsletter?2020-02-20T03:36:56-07:00

If you accidentally unsubscribed to our email newsletter, you will need to re-subscribe with the button the right.

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