Contribute  Your Soul Shine Solstice Activation or Meditation


Our Annual Soul Shine Solstice Celebration Event is back for it’s 12th Year! We invite you to share a Meditation or Activation for this event that will be held online over December 21 – January 5th.  We request that you create a 30-minute audio or video meditation that will be broadcast in this series.  Please be sure to not go over 30 minutes. 

Please take a quick moment to provide us with your Activation/Mediation Title & Description and your Special Offer. If you’ve already got a special offer setup with us, please mention this in the form below. 

If your Activation/Meditation Media file is not yet ready, you can return to this page to upload it. 

AUDIO & VIDEO FILES are DUE NO later than Monday, December 4

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Then  Scroll down to  provide us your Activation/Meditation Details with Your Special Offer Notes: 

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