NEO Courses: Day 2

GSH2024 | A Rollercoaster Ride Through The Healing Potential Of Sound And Music As Medicine with John Stuart Reid | Sound Bath with Marcus Patyk2024-04-17T19:40:34-06:00
GSH2024 | Etheric Capacitors -structured Water Memory. Nicola Tesla- Water Memory with Harry Rhodes | Sound Bath with Dr. Parth Vyas2024-04-17T10:21:52-06:00
GSH2024 | Sound Healing Frequencies for Spiritual Development and Activation of Higher Consciousness with Randolph Masters | Sound Bath with Laura Lawlor2024-04-17T19:41:18-06:00
GSH2024 | The Structure of the Body, Universe and Belief Systems based on Vibration with Bruce Lipton | Sound Bath with Devi Mambouka2024-04-17T10:14:04-06:00
GSH2023 | Sound of Universal Love with David Gibson | Sound Bath with David Gibson | Closing Ceremony2023-05-14T13:50:55-06:00
GSH2023 | Sound for Children – The Sound Education Association: David Gibson, Lynn Fielding, Holly Baade | Sound Bath with Holly Baade2023-05-14T14:09:33-06:00
GSH2023 | The Vibration of the Ocean with Leigh Stevens | David Gibson’s Distress Nature Video2023-05-14T20:50:37-06:00
GSH2023 | The Harmonics of Love with Randy Masters, PhD | Sound Bath with Mahalia2023-05-14T20:52:47-06:00
GSH2023 | High Frequency Divine Love Energy Transmissions For Healing & Expansion with Barbara Canals | Sound Bath with Barbara Canals2023-05-14T20:52:46-06:00
GSH2023 | GAIN: Gratitude, Acceptance, Intention, and Nonjudgment with Gregory Hammer | Sound Bath with Satya Ra2023-05-14T20:56:56-06:00
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