NEO Courses: Day 1

GSH2024 | Detailed Treatment Plans for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Issues with David Gibson | Sound Bath with David Gibson2024-05-23T13:22:07-06:00
GSH2024 | The Laws of Resonance from Physics with David Gibson | Sound Bath with David Gibson2024-05-23T10:11:19-06:00
GSH2023 | The Frequency and Note of Each Chakra with David Gibson | Sound Bath with David Gibson2023-12-05T13:21:26-07:00
GSH2023 | Sounding the Creationary Source Within You with Christine Hodil | Sound Bath with Bradford Tilden2023-12-05T13:25:21-07:00
GSH2023 | SoulSong Revival with Lindsey Wise | Sound Bath with Lindsey Wise2023-12-05T13:27:20-07:00
GSH2023 | Patterns & Cymatics with Akira Pena | Sound Bath with Akira Pena2023-12-05T13:27:48-07:00
GSH2023 | Shattering Cancer with Destructive Resonant Frequencies~NOVOBIOTRONICS with Anthony Holland | Sound Bath with Sara Sopracolle2023-11-10T09:53:09-07:00
GSH2023 | The Transformative Power of Crystalline Sound and Music with Jeralyn Glass | Sound Bath with Jeralyn Glass2023-11-09T15:27:37-07:00
GSH2023 | Naada Brahma: The Sound is the Teacher with Paul Temple | Sound Bath with Paul Temple2023-12-05T13:29:19-07:00
GSH2023 | Chakra Instruments with David Gibson | Sound Bath with David Gibson2023-12-05T13:29:40-07:00
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