Acoustic Levitation with Jackie Stoutenburg2021-10-12T10:09:58-06:00
Microstructure of Waves with Don Estes2021-10-12T10:10:10-06:00
Vibrational Intelligence™ with Gary Malkin2021-10-12T10:18:37-06:00
Using Sound for Healing and Raising Consciousness — How it All Works with David Gibson2022-05-23T19:43:46-06:00
Sound, Healing, & Consciousness with Zacciah Blackburn2021-10-12T10:19:11-06:00
Using Voice With Intention to Mend and Repair Our Nervous System with Vickie Dodd2021-10-12T10:25:35-06:00
How to Reduce Stress, Increase Happiness and Improve Immunity through Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu2021-10-12T10:25:46-06:00
Globe Sound Healing Panel – Sound Education Live Panel2021-10-12T10:26:03-06:00
Globe Sound Healing Panel – Medical Sound Live Panel2021-10-12T10:26:19-06:00
Voice and Somatic Therapeutics with Sonja Drakulich2021-10-12T10:37:32-06:00
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