Marketplace | Globe Sound Healing Conference April 20242024-04-22T19:20:23-06:00
GSH2024 | Detailed Treatment Plans for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Issues with David Gibson | Sound Bath with David Gibson2024-04-18T18:58:38-06:00
GSH2024 | The Neuropsychology of Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon | Sound Bath with Alli Skiba2024-04-18T18:59:03-06:00
GSH2024 | A Garden Chorale: The Ears & Voices of Plants & Flowers with Cari Heumann | Sound Bath with Nature2024-04-17T19:38:30-06:00
GSH2024 | Indigo Dragonfly Chakra & Earth Rhythms with Lis Addison | Sound Bath with Lis Addison2024-04-17T18:57:58-06:00
GSH2024 | A Rollercoaster Ride Through The Healing Potential Of Sound And Music As Medicine with John Stuart Reid | Sound Bath with Marcus Patyk2024-04-22T18:59:45-06:00
GSH2024 | Secrets of High Coherence Spiritual Healing Music with Steven Halpern, Ph.D | Sound Bath with Steven Halpern, Ph.D2024-04-18T19:01:24-06:00
GSH2024 | Etheric Capacitors -structured Water Memory. Nicola Tesla- Water Memory with Harry Rhodes | Sound Bath with Dr. Parth Vyas2024-04-22T18:59:15-06:00
GSH2024 | Voice of Change with Suzanne Sterling | Sound Bath with Suzanne Sterling2024-04-17T10:17:58-06:00
GSH2024 | Sound Healing Frequencies for Spiritual Development and Activation of Higher Consciousness with Randolph Masters | Sound Bath with Laura Lawlor2024-04-22T18:57:48-06:00
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