12 Ascension Virtues Workshop

Friday, November 3rd – Saturday, November 4th, 2023

10 AM PT | 11:00 AM MT | 12 PM CT | 1 PM ET | 6 PM GMT

The Arcturians perceive Ascension as a shift of conscious awareness from one dimensional experience to a higher dimensional experience.  Ascension involves a profound change in the Earth’s human body template when your energy bodies reach a luminous form similar to a supernova-brilliance, the embodiment of the 5th and 6th dimensional light.  Earth humans are evolving consciously to assume their rightful place in the interstellar communities.

In our special 2-day workshop, you will learn about the 12 Ascension Virtues as encoded in the Flame of Ascension. The Flame was transferred from Atlantis to Ancient Egypt by Master Serapis Bey. We will create a new energetic template for the embodiment of the 12 Chakra system and activate sacred qualities for soul evolution.

This 2-day workshop includes:

  • Introduction to the 12 Virtues
  • 12 Chakra System & Body System Upgrades
  • Shift in Vibrational Awareness
  • Transformation Tools for Soul Essence Embodiment
  • Arcturian Quantum Energy Transmission

Are you ready to anchor the Sacred Virtues of Ascension? Join us.

Will the Workshop Be Recorded?

Yes! Attendees will have access to the replays of Part 1 and Part 2 of the workshop. It is the same Crowdcast link to join live and watch the replays.

How Do I Get the Link?

Once you register, Crowdcast will automatically send an email with a unique link to join the event. The link will be unique to your email.

12 Ascension Virtues Workshop


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