Option 1: Your New Odyssey

8-Week Imagination & Creativity Immersion + FREE Shaboominar!

Starting July 7th

Your New Odyssey 8 Week program

  • Includes Free Shaboominar!

2 Payment Option Available

Not Your Typical Mastermind Group…

In just 8 weeks, you’ll transform the way you think and experience breakthroughs that change old habits and conventional ways of thinking.

Creative Immersion workshops (like Next! Your New Odyssey) work differently than traditional Mastermind programs or conference events.

In fact, I like to think of my workshop as a gorgeous pair of electric blue suede shoes amongst a sea of tan penny loafers (boring, right?) Well, not Shaboo…

So, what makes it so different? More importantly…what makes attending a creative immersion workshop so much more impactful than everything else on the market?

The answer actually is rooted in science! Shabooya!

In the wild world of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), the body responds to sight and sound in a very unique way. It almost works as a trance where you get lost through the sound of a soft voice and beautiful colors dancing across a blank page. Amongst these sounds and visuals, our thought process can shift drastically – both physically and mentally.

This is for you if…

You are inclined to step out of your comfort zone to seek rewarding whole body shifts and renewed confidence or unleash mental blocks that hold you back from your divine truth, then I invite you to explore the potential Your New Odyssey has to offer. Much like guided meditation, immersing yourself into an a Imaginovation journey can pose individualized outcomes for people under stress, past trauma, creative thinking blocks, writers block, and even shift a persons mood.

As children, a lot of our cognition is based in creative processes. As we get older, we make a dramatic shift to a more logical way of thinking…think scientific processes.

These thinking processes use congruent neural networks that are incredibly powerful when used together. However, when we start heavily using one type of neural processing method over another, the way the brain processes information, incorporates external and internal data, and develops new efficient brain connections is weakened.

This is why play is SO important.

Inside my creative immersion workshop, Next! Your New Odyssey, we work hard to rebuild a bridge between the logical and creative networks though coloring, meditation, play, and more in order to enhance range of emotion, cognition, and executive flexibility within the brain so everyone can unlock their genius, claim their natural hereditary gifts, and create a life they never thought would be possible!

Ready to try something new and spectacular?

Easily access greater levels of your Imagination & Creativity and learn how to use them in the 21st Century to expand your life and business!

Here are a few benefits you’ll receive:

  • Benefit 1: Recognize that you are a creative genius.
  • Benefit 2: Know what deep imagination is (it’s more than you think!), how to access it and use it in your daily life and business.
  • Benefit 3: Reveal your degree of “creativity resistance” and how to remove it to achieve freedom of expression.
  • Benefit 4: Expand as innovator, idea-generator and creator. New ideas will flow!
  • Benefit 5: Increased enthusiasm for your future.
  • Benefit 6: 60% discount at the Shaboo Prints gifts shop, hours of transformational videos, lots of downloadable support material.
  • Benefit 7: Four live group coaching sessions! (this alone is a $400 value!)
There were jaw-dropping moments, watching people transform. Veronica is a master facilitator, nudging more creative expression out of people. I can’t recommend it highly enough, you will not regret it, you will go forward bolder, braver in your creative self-expression.