Option 2: Your New Odyssey + Imaginovation Starter Kit

8-Week Imagination & Creativity Immersion + FREE Shaboominar!

Your New Odyssey 8 Week program + Imaginovation Starter Kit

  • Includes Free Shaboominar!

2 Payment Option Available

Additionally includes:

  • World of Shaboo Coloring Book!
  • Cheerytoot slide whistle!
  • Shabooster sticker pack!
  • The Wise Ones greeting card pack!
  • A trio of pocket bubble wands! (colors vary)
During Your New Odyssey program, I learned not to judge my creative ideas and to just allow them to come up and flow out of me. I have also realized that even though I didn’t think I was, I was indeed judging myself as others have judged me before. I will stop that and lean into accepting myself and seeing the glory and beauty in everything that comes out of me as well.