Sixty thousand years ago, Earth had two more continents than it does today, each larger than what we now know as Australia.

Why are they no longer there?

One of these additional continents, Atlantis, was located in the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Africa. The other, Lemuria, was located in the Pacific Ocean.  This webinar is a 2.5 hour presentation with Tom Moore that is based on his book: Atlantis & Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed, in which you’ll learn all about these huge continents and the great civilizations who called them home. Tom will go into great detail about these two continents that existed for thousands of years, and why they no longer exist.

  • What did they look like?
  • What was daily life like for them?
  • What happened to them?

Tom asks these intriguing questions and many more. He will share maps of where he believes these continents were located.  He’ll also put  you into a light trance meditation that allows you to sense and feel your own information about Lemuria and Atlantis.  The answers revealed will dig into the mysteries surrounding the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria and their eventual destructions.