Package C: Victim Consciousness Karmic Debts Clearing

Free Yourself From Karmic Debts so You Can Allow Infinitive Prosperity Field to Flow As You Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose

4 module program + Bonus

Package C: Victim Consciousness Karmic Debts Clearing


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Free Yourself From Karmic Debts so You Can Allow Infinitive Prosperity Field to Flow As You Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose

4 module recorded program + Bonus

The structure of each module: 45 min live group energy clearing & 30 min live 1-1 trigger release sessions

What is debt?

It is an old paradigm energy acquisition system rooted in the perception of ourselves as separated, finite, limited, scarce, less than, powerless. The root of debt we can find in the ego-mind structure and the victim game. The characteristic of the victim game is that people feel powerless like helpless victims (victim constantly switches between all 3 roles: victim, saviour and abuser). Because of inner feelings and perception of themselves as powerless, people are empowering themselves by saving and abusing: the saviour feels powerful by saving the poor victim and the abuser feels powerful by abusing it. All players in the victim game are living at each other’s energy, they need others to feel powerful. That is the root cause of karmic debts: emotional, spiritual and financial.

Karmic debt is the soul’s record of its unfinished business, of something unresolved and “owed”. It is about more than just finances.

How are debts produced?

Debts are produced by fear, beliefs and experiences of lack, limitation, hunger, deprivation, being without and dying without fulfilling your Divine Purpose.

What creates debts?

Debts are created by: ego’s desires, covetousness, unfinished emotional business, projections, rejection, interactions, and relationship. Debt is also created by unresolved issues and situations, and the continuous state of inner automatic reactivity to ideas, people, and situations around you (victim game). Debt is the result of unresolved trauma and unforgiveness held against other people, situations, and institutions; past-life, present-life, and ancestral experiences of poverty, financial lack, low wages, blocks to upward mobility, and never being able to “get ahead”, and dying in debt and destitute. It is very important to clear karmic debts in every form, especially in the form of unfulfilled wishes, desires, hopes, aspirations, and dreams because that creates blocks to fulfillment of your soul’s purpose in this life.

Debt is a contradiction of the universal equilibrium. There is no such thing as lack of equilibrium in all the universe; therefore, in Source and in Truth there is no debt.

The aim of this clearing series is to clear karmic debt from our souls and from our ancestral lineages so we can allow infinitive prosperity field to flow as us through us fulfilling our divine purpose.

MODULE 1 Mother and Female/Maternal Lineage Karmic Debt Clearing

The aim of this module is to clear the karmic debt you’ve inherited from your mother & from your female lineage that is creating struggle & limitation for you in this life.

There is a special form of karmic debt you have inherited from your mother and hundreds of generations of your female lineage. Female lineage karma carries the energy of repression, unworthiness, dependence, inferiority, suppressed anger, imprisoned splendour, insecurity, codependence, neediness, being overemotional and over-apologizing, weak boundaries, shame, guilt, naiveness, conforming and manipulation.

When our female/maternal ancestors die without resolving emotional issues, fulfilling their unique soul’s purpose or without balancing disempowered feminine energy, their blocks get transferred into us, creating often major blocks to health, healing, financial abundance, success, and loving relationships.

Our female ancestors may have been struggling so much with basic survival that they never had the chance to even start considering what their soul’s purpose was. That can be the reason why it is hard for you to know and align with your soul’s purpose.

In this module, we’ll clear:

  • female ancestors’ unfinished business, unresolved issues, unfulfilled longings and desires, and karmic imprints created by chronic life problems our female ancestors had like not having enough food, water, money, and love, support, recognition and possibilities for thriving in life. We’ll clear known and unknown karmic imprints that got passed down to you for your soul to resolve in this life
  • all types of debts (spiritual, emotional, monetary) inherited from mother and maternal/female lineage
  • inter-galactic influences in creating karmic debts related to reversing female energie
  • blocks that stop you from benefitting from the positive aspects of your past karma]
  • debts to God and to plants and animals and inanimate nature – imbalances and blocked energy in your relationship to your life purpose (in this and other lifetimes), and karmic blocks in your use of your physical body and the physical world itself inherited from female lineage; also we are creating karmic debt whenever we use planets or animals for food, or when we impact them for commercial purposes in unconscious and unconscious and exploitative way
  • debts to teachers and gurus, especially when we have rejected authentic teaching and healing, or misused our divine gifts
  • debts due to other humans in society, people we interact with through interaction, services, business, etc.

MODULE 2 Father and Male/Paternal Lineage Karmic Debt Clearing

The aim of this module is to clear the karmic debt you’ve inherited from your father & from your male/paternal lineage that is creating struggle & limitation for you in this life.

Karmic debt you have inherited from your father and hundreds of generations of your male/paternal lineage carries the debt energy of overdoing, overthinking, controlling, forcing, aggressiveness, abuse, perfectionism, confrontation, overbearing, emotionlessness, heartlessness.

Our male/paternal ancestors may have been struggling with the burdens and pressure of feeding their families, imposed responsibility to their tribes and countries, fighting in wars, protecting the honour of their families and much more. Often times because of unbearable pressure and repressed emotions (boys don’t cry) our male ancestors went into self-destructive and abusive behaviours like addictions, alcohol abuse, gambling, abusing females etc. Because of families and collective expectations they often died without fulfilling their Divine Purpose which also created karmic debt.

Male/paternal lineage karmic debts like unfinished business and unresolved issues are passed down to you through thousands of generations and it can create blocks in our financial prosperity and also in relationships.

In this module, we’ll clear:

  • male/paternal lineage financial karmic debts due to our ancestors not having enough money and spending beyond their means
  • male/paternal lineage financial karmic debts due to our ancestors failed businesses
  • male/paternal lineage financial karmic debts due to our ancestors alcohol abuse, drugs and gambling
  • male/paternal ancestors dying without fulfilling their Divine Purpose
  • unresolved relationship karma – victim game karmic debts
  • blocks to lucrative opportunities appearing in your life
  • money-related problem
  • inter-galactic influences in creating karmic debts related to abusive male energies
  • debts to God and to plants and animals and inanimate nature, karmic blocks in your use of your physical body and the physical world itself inherited from male lineage
  • debts to teachers and gurus, debts due to other humans in society, people we interact with through interaction, services, business, etc.
  • debts to intimate relationship partners – unresolved spiritual emotional and financial karmic imprints related to love affairs, lying, cheating (curses, black magic, vows, oaths, implants…)

MODULE 3 Victim Game (Powerlessness & Learned Helplessness) Karmic Debt Clearing

The aim of this module is to clear the most important hidden blocks behind all chronic problems with manifestation, prosperity, relationship attraction, & healing. These blocks have roots in poverty, scarcity, and fear-based consciousness that plays out in a victim game.

For many of us, it is difficult to tap into our authentic abundance consciousness because so many forces in the collective seem out of our control. We disconnected from our power in early childhood by adjusting to our parents, teachers and society’s expectations. We did everything to receive their approval and love. However, because we play the victim game, no matter how much we tried to be a „good little girl“ or a „strong, brave“ boy, nothing worked (the rule in the victim game). So, because we were not aware that the source of love, recognition, power, and wealth is within us, we neglected, suppressed and disconnected ourselves from our true, divine, abundant nature. We lived (and many people still live) overwhelmed by the fear, hatred, and violence that is oppressing so many on the planet.

The fundamental block to embody Divine empowerment stems from a build-up of self-limiting and self-restricting beliefs we hold within victim mentality like „life is just happening to me“, „I can’t financially succeed because of high taxes“, „Goverment just wants to enslave you“. „No matter how much I try, nothing works for me“… – these victim mentality types of beliefs act as heavy anchors, preventing us from building the momentum and energy to change our lives — for healing and health, money, success, relationship healing and attraction, and for the discernment and fulfilling of our unique purpose.

In this module, we’ll clear:

  • ambition from a place of disconnection, force and us vs them; giving up of your power; old blocks of anger and arrogance related to money; using blame and shame to gain prosperity, blaming external or internal conditions, circumstances, the past, ourselves, “god”, others, life itself, etc. for poverty
  • energy of contraction and trying to control things, energy held on the belief in dis-ease, energy held in discord
  • belief in death and in the temporary nature of reality, denial of Reality, God, Life, Truth, Consciousness, doubt
  • efforting from a place of internal disconnection, limited egotism, false desires coming from lack and separation, fear and limitation; erroneous/limiting belief in “two worlds” and “two ultimate powers” (the spiritual versus the material)
  • blocks to establishing “manifestor consciousness”
  • acting upon circumstances through force, forcing manifestation through ego-based striving, greed and hoarding (I’ll get what’s mine), half-heartedness]
  • creating life through the linear – limited mind
  • identification with all past or present effects, inattentiveness, judging by appearances, justification for holding anger, resentment, and trying to change/fix the past
  • life happening through autopilot and karmic necessity, passiveness and lazyness
  • pushing against conditions, reacting and resisting, resistance to Life, rigidity, seeming power over circumstances and conditions, self-seeking for selfish ends, belief in “sin” and “original sin”, life is governed by external forces
  • stagnation, straining, struggling, tension, timidity, uncertainty, victimization regarding wealth

In this module, we’ll activate:

  • fulfillment of my unique Divine Purpose
  • forgiveness and flow, humility and wonder, unification of being, Oneness
  • becoming a generative force in my life through emerging personal responsibility
  • inner awareness of Truth, awareness of the True Timeless Nature of Reality, expansion, allowing, flow, trust in Life, energetic connections and support beyond my individual self, being consciously plugged-into and trusting Life
  • manifestor consciousness, inspiration, tapped into Purpose, co-creation with Source, Love emerging from within
  • “Harmony is.” “Abundance is.” “Peace is.”
  • “I am a vehicle / vessel through which Life Itself can express”
  • “I am an instrument and conduit for Life to move through me and express through me.”
  • “I am God / Source/ Oneness / Divine Consciousness as me.”
  • “I have the power to consciously direct my thoughts and my life.”

MODULE 4 Clearing Money Fear Programs Blocking Prosperity

The aim of this module is to clear karmic programs – our relationship with money rooted in fear, anxiety, shame, and lack, so we can get back into holistic flow, where we participate in life joyously, and are rewarded for being in that flow.

The truth is that many of money fear karmic program patterns don’t directly have anything to do with money — at least not literally. Some of them have to do with our relationships, our beliefs about God and Life itself, and our holding ourselves back from authentically showing up in life. Some of them are about lack of trust, fear of the future, and anxiety while some of them are about the guilt and shame we may be holding from childhood and from past lives.

If any of these program are running in your consciousness, you will restrict the joy you can experience in a healthy relationship with money.

In this module, we’ll clear:

  •  themes, programs, karmic imprints, traumatic situations, relationships, the causes and effects of negative money programming, unresolved emotional energy related to lack of money and hoarding it
  • fear programs damages in your money blueprint (damages caused by low frequencies, black holes, alien implants, Divine money blueprint corruption, parasitic energies, chaos, clutter, chatter)
  • having money (and especially a lot of money) is DANGEROUS
  • fearful stories of trauma and drama stored in our systems related to money
  • fear of humans and human attention related to having money and not having money
  • fear of judgement for having and not having money; fear of human jealousy for having money; fear of the “evil eye”; fear of blowing up your money
  • fear related to: if I pay what I “have to”, there won’t be enough money to pay for what I want to, or what we will need in terms of health and lifestyle; not to be enough money in the future; not trusting I’ll continue to bring in money
  • uncomfortable moments with money; traumatic moments with money; failures with money; bad investments; mindless spending; poor financial choices; reckless financial planning or no planning at all; compromised budgets; Shoulda’ Coulda’ Woulda’ energies in yourmoney blueprint
  • programing about Money and deception; Money and corruption; Money and lack of integrity; Money and compromises; Money and muting yourself; Money and putting yourself second, third(…) or even last; Money and suffocating your true nature; lies and faulty perceptions around money;
  • feeling deep shame about money; feeling guilt about money;
  • fear of the government, and “others” really knowing what I’m doing, who I am; I can’t show up fully in life; fear of being transparent to others about who I am, what my business is, and what I’m doing with my life; fear this, because if people really knew me, they wouldn’t like who I am; fear that if I acknowledge paying my bills and looking at my finances in grounded ways, I let my dad’s and mom’s overwhelm, fear, and problems with money overtake me
  • avoiding dealing with money, bills, my emotions, or something else, etc.
  • hating mother, father, siblings because unfair inheritance will

BONUS Financial Freedom Flowing within Your Divine Purpose

The aim of the Bonus module is to increase receptivity, anchor Source/God-consciousness, open to new business, help us/you align with our/your purpose, and open our/your manifestation channels. It is about opening the channels of allowing, new business, money, and becoming truly empowered by Source/God.

We will clear subconscious blocks & interference that prevents us to activate and accept of the following:

  • accepting the consciousness of Source/God
  • living life from the inside out
  • allowing universal support to come through us (me)
  • accepting and permitting the flow of universal power to direct our/my conscious mind
  • synchronizing our/my thoughts with the flow of life
  • accepting wholeness and abundance
  • consenting to the natural flow of wholeness and abundance that we are/I am “the living enterprise of the Universe”
  • stillness and knowingness that we are/I am In the Flow
  • openness and receptivity to the new business
  • aligning with our/my purpose
  • opening our/my reception channels for… money, goodness, beauty, positive attraction, synchronicities
  • embodying/owning / being powerful in our/my unique soul’s purpose
  • opening a spiritual vision to our/my unlimited potential
  • opening to the guidance of Source/God/Spirit, angels, High Self