Package C: Victim Consciousness Karmic Debts Clearing + 40 min 1-1 Trigger Release Session

PackageC: Victim Consciousness Karmic Debts Clearing + 1-1 Session


2 Payment Option Available

In 1-1 clearings we use self-directed compassion, Compassion Key brought by Edward Mannix, Spiritual Acceleration by Bonnie Serratore, and occasionally non-personal awareness.

  1. step: think about the issue/topic that cause the highest intensity in you. Be in your body and feel it. What is the level of intensity? 0 equals no intensity at all 10 equals the highest intensity.
  2. set an intention for the 1-1 session and connecting to the light
  3. step: clearing – we start with self-directed compassion: you focus on your heart centre and solar plexus and you repeat Tena’s words in exact order.

It is important to emphasise that you are the one who is sending compassion to the wounded part of yourself, so it is important that you say compassion phrases in 3rd person, by using the word you. Example: I am so sorry you forgot that you have the power to heal yourself. I am so sorry you forgot that you are a divine being…

What happens during the spiritual acceleration clearing? During the spiritual acceleration clearing Source through Tena removes frequencies from your energy field that is not you: the most thoughts, emotions, conclusions, frequencies, interferences that you carry in your body are not you.

Just keep in mind that underneath all the interferences and frequencies that include entities, other people’s emotions in you, frequencies that you carry from past incarnations, beliefs and conclusions, traumas and shocks, implants then contracts, vows, agreements, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, dark stuff, is Your True Divine Light that we call The Creator/Source incarnated, your Divine Self. That is what you’re really trying to bring forth and just to be that Authentic Self.