Package A: Intergalactic Karma Clearing

Package A: Intergalactic Karma Clearing


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Free Yourself From Low Vibrational Intergalactic & Earthly Influences, So You Can Evolve Beyond 3D Time Matrix

4 module recorded program + Bonus

What is intergalactic karma clearing program about? Ending wars between Fear based mind set and Love based mind set.

This program is about reconciliation separation and victim-abuser-saviour karmic patterns that we experienced intergalactically existing in realities where we did not have a capacity to understand that we are beings of Love and Light. We experienced ourselves separated from each others navigating realities from very different points of view. We didn’t have a capacity to allow one another to have different points of view, nor to respect each other. We perceived other as enemies, creatures that are less than or superior. We operated from the fear vibration. We played the victim game intergalactically.

We were those alien villains who, due to a fear for their own existence, did whatever it takes just to survive: we experienced ourselves as villains who destroyed and enslaved other species, cultures, who started artificial timeline wars, changed planetary architecture, altered original human DNA and divine blueprint, we created many warring conflicts that generated deviations from the natural order and caused planetary grid damage and consciousness body fragmentation throughout our Universe.

We were victims who experienced enslavement, helplessness, unbearable atrocities, and, among other things, the 5D planet Tara exploding millions of years ago and was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth-dimensional planetary blueprint.

We were also those saviours who helped to realign the planetary grid back into Krystic architecture, building the Christos blueprint, to restore energetic balance and the natural order to the consciousness evolution cycles.

In this course, we’ll see through the Eternal Drama: separation-ego-mind-victim consciousness. We’ll have an experience of consciously perceiving all roles in the victim game at once. In that way, when you learn to be present in a moment, you can easily see your life through all 3 perspectives: the perspective of a victim, a villain and a saviour.

This program is about remembering that we are creating the game and playing the game. Even the rules were set by us, and we chose to enter the game at the precise moment that we did. This program is about reminding us that now is the time for us all to remember how easy it is to be more powerful here on Earth.

We’ll experience unpleasant emotional body intensities just melting away like ice cream on a hot summer eternal day. All memories of roles we played, experiences and emotions we experienced fear, anger, rage, helplessness, hopelessness etc. are melting because victim game vibrations, cellular memories and all known and unknown imprints are not sustainable on the highest frequency of summer sun.

We’ll lift the burdens that we carried for centuries. We’ll have a capacity to re-birth in a new Earth, five-dimensional frequencies of eternal love and all its manifestations.

Let’s have a wild, fun ride together! Why? Just because we can!

The general aim of this program is to clear vibrational patterns that keep us stuck in unawareness of fear-based victim game from many different spaces, dimensions, realities, and timelines.

A specific aim is to clear unprocessed karmic imprints from:

  1. Tara’s Cataclysm (Fall of Men Karmic Imprints)
  2. Electric Wars
  3. Melchizedek Races
  4. Emotional Body Sub-Personalities and Shadow Self
  5. destructive archetypes

MODULE 1 Clearing Tara’s Cataclysm – Fall of Men Karmic Imprints

The aim of this module is clear karmic imprints that originate from Tara’s cataclysm – fall of men trauma. Many of us were involved in Tara’s cataclysm event so we could experience ourselves in polarity consciousness – a fear-based victim game – as victims, villains and saviours. We are/were experiencing how it feels to be victimized light being who follows the Law of One and holds a love-based mindset. Simultaneously, we are/were learning how it feels to be an unconscious being who does not realize the harm and violation she/he brings to other lifeforms in her/his quest for growth. Also, we are/were experiencing our creativity in creating rescue mission plans to merge with higher aspects of ourselves, blending time/space, restoring evolutionary history stored within the cellular memory of the parts that are/were blown apart and also restoring our souls. We live in an eternal now moment where we are remembering that we played all three roles in universal drama and we are evolving into a working knowledge of universal brotherhood.

In this module, we’ll clear karmic imprints of:

  • being blown apart
  • being ripped from race morphogenetic field
  • being disengaged from original soul matrices
  • not being able to evolve and return to the Source
  • soul being trapped in time
  • being fragmented as units of consciousness within the low vibrational field
  • misuse of power
  • dominating others
  • AI infection – forcible assimilation trauma

In this module, we’ll activate:

  • evolutionary history stored within our cellular memory
  • the source of eternal now moment in our Heart
  • dimensional ascension by re-evolution through Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field of consciousness

MODULE 2 Clearing Electric Wars Karmic Imprints

This module aims to clear contracts and energetic blocks that prevent ascension out of the Time matrix and incarnational cycles. To ascend out of the Time Matrix and 3D reality one must pass through dimensional passageways or portals within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti that are known as Halls of Amenti.

Electric Wars are/were battled for control over Earth’s natural portal system and the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field. The human races caught in this battle either ascend/ed to Tara through the Halls of Amenti or digress through contact with unconscious beings who do/did not realize that they are/were harming and violating humans in their need for survival. Unconscious villains manipulated human genetic code, so humans lost the ability of genetic transmutation and thus their immortality. Since digression of the human original genetic code was already creating damage within the energetic systems of Earth, dimensional passageways to Tara were closed.

In this module, we’ll clear:

  • the energetic block between the physical and etheric bodies
  • perception of exaggerated duality and a sense of separation from all things
  • karmic imprints that create a perception of duality between consciousness and body
  • code distortion that holds people trapped in their matter bodies
  • karmic imprints that make a supply of transmuting energy available to the matter body to become finite
  • Fifth Root Race genetic imprint
  • The Seal of Palaidor and its effects (forgetting our origins, the purposes for which we came, and our destination through the course of our evolution
  • trapped in the elemental incarnations
  • Seal of Amenti genetic distortion
  • fourth-dimensional frequency block within the second and third DNA strands
  • the trauma of losing lost form-holding morphogenetic field
  • all lower-vibrating genetic imprints

In this module, we’ll activate:

  • The fifth-dimensional frequency patterns held in The Blue Flame
  • activation codes that allow the particles and anti-particles of the body to merge, transmute and assemble DNA strands 7—12
  • process of linking the frequency bands of dimensions 1 through 7 within the morphogenetic field, so we can ascend/evolve out of the matter-based systems and into pure sentient consciousness
  • integration of ancestral soul fragments
  • merging emotional, mental and astral identities
  • fully assemble of 4th DNA strand and plug the second, third and fourth DNA strands into each other

MODULE 3 Clearing Melchizedek Races Karmic Imprints

Morphogenetic field named Melchizedek Cloister separated itself into two primary groups of Melchizedeks: the Cloistered Family of Melchizedek and the Templar-Melchizedeks. The separation was initiated by ET interferences also creating pair of opposite spiritual teachings.

The Cloistered Family of Melchizedek assembled DNA strand number 5, corresponding to the fifth-dimensional frequencies. This field assisted in repairing genetic digression.

Templar-Melchizedeks have a patriarchal worldview, often promoting gender subservience, elitist philosophy and subjugation. These attributes evolved through ET distortion. The Cloister Family Melchizedeks are considered to be the pure strain of this race, the Templar-Melchizedeks and their descendants a mutation of that strain. As you can see, it is an eternal separation drama.

This module aims to clear

  • our DNA of Templar distortion
  • genetic burden from affiliation with Templar-Melchizedeks
  • effects of the distorted teachings of the original Templar Solar Initiates
  • effects of aggressive misuse of power for materialistic gain
  • vibrational remains of the cataclysm of Tara
  • genetic frequency seals: Templar Seal and Templar-Axion Seal
  • low vibrational patterns created and replicated through ET distortion
  • anything that stops us from finding freedom through the sacred Law of One

In this module, we’ll activate:

  • grounding codes of the higher dimensions
  • repair of the Soul Matrix in the female spiritual principle
  • repair of the Monadic Matrix in the male spiritual principle
  • merging the Soul and Spirit bodies

MODULE 4 Emotional Body Sub-Personalities and Shadow Self Karma Clearing

The distortion of the second genetic strand created a polarization/separation/division within the emotional body which created a higher and lower level of the subconscious mind. The higher level of the subconscious mind holds sub-personalities and the lower level “the shadow self,” is a chaotic emotional force.

The shadow is a part of you – your coding, your own DNA templates, that are running in reversal. The Universal Shadow holds the incredibly painful traumatic wounds experienced by the collective consciousness that resulted in disconnection with the eternal God source fields. The Shadow selves form into a larger gestalt of dark consciousness bodies which are shaped into an organizing principle which is based on the total absence of light, and these dark forces have descended even further through the abuse of inorganic technology and AI systems.

This module aims to clear:

  • division within the emotional body
  • division within the heart chakra and
  • second strand genetic distortion
  • fourth strand genetic distortion
  • fifth strand genetic distortion
  • false ascension matrix and its webbing
  • interferences with our navel
  • interferences with our solar plexus

In this module, we’ll activate:

  • an embodiment of our organic frequency, our soul and monad light bodies
  • realignment blueprint of consciousness and matter with the path of higher evolution
  • opening locks between dimensions
  • merging of bodies and allowing frequencies to blend together
  • ability to receive, hold and transmit greater quantities of interdimensional frequencies for our own or others healing facilitation
  • creating a trans-time bridge of frequency between ourselves and other versions of us in 5D

BONUS – Integration with Q&A

The bonus session is imagined as a safe space for Intergalactic Karma Clearing program integration. You’ll set an intention for what you want to release, receive and integrate. You will write your intention and submit it via the link you’ll receive in an e-mail. Tena will create a specially tailored group clearing based on your intentions. After personalized group clearing, you’ll have a chance to raise your hand and receive mini 1-1 Trigger Release Sessions. We’ll seal ourselves into the field of this program: into balanced, harmonious, abundant, peaceful, love 5D Earth.