Package A-Magical Relationship Secrets & Healthy Boundaries


Break Free From Victim Mentality and Jump Into New Earth Reality

8 Modules plus 2 bonus Modules

Plus Ebook in PDF

Package A: Magical Relationship Secrets & Healthy Boundaries


2 Payment Option Available

The POWERFUL Anti-Dote For the VICTIM PATTERNS That Prevent You From Speaking Your Truth, Standing For Yourself and Jumping into New Earth Reality Rooted in Love, Unity Consciousness, Collaboration, Sovereignty, and Freedom!

Choose to Integrate Your Victim Shadows So You can Raise Your Frequency and Install Supportive LOVE Programs Now!

    • Learn about victim roles & patterns that cost you peace and prevent you from having HEALTHY BOUNDARIES
    • Find out the exact reason why you sabotage yourself and accidentally keep yourself stuck from experiencing NEW EARTH REALITY
    • Discover what keeps you stuck in UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and CLEAR it
    • Become aware of how numbing your feelings prevent you from jumping into a new reality and what to do instead

This 8 Module Learning & Clearing Course can totally turn EVERYTHING around for YOU!

You will be able to EXPERIENCE FREEDOM OF THE NEW EARTH REALITY on a Regular Basis!

Package A

Magical Relationships

  • Module 1: Drama Game-Victim Consciousness
  • Module 2: Clearing the Victim Role
  • Module 3: Clearing the Abuser Role
  • Module 4: Clearing the Savior Role

Healthy Boundaries

  • Module 1: Clearing Helpful Child Shadow
  • Module 2: Clearing Hurtful Child Shadow
  • Module 3: Clearing Helpless Child Shadow
  • Module 4: Clearing Dysfunctional Adult Shadow

Bonus 1: Acceleration to the New Paradigm
Bonus 2: Mother-Daughter (Children) Trauma Healing Mp3