Offer 2: Manifestation Clearing & Exercise

3 live 90 min intensive calls


Offer 2: Manifestation Clearing & Exercise


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Call 1: Clearing Subconscious Mind & Consciouss Ego – Mind & Excercising Stillpoint Intention

Thursday, 20th

Aim: to clear thoughts, chronically repressed emotional states, negative habits, all created patterns in our energy fields that can block us in the long-term, and can also create spiritual “antennae” that attract all kinds of dysfunctional energies from anywhere in the Universe.


  • subconscious programs and confront beliefs in order to recover personal power and inner spiritual power
  • subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego delusions, inflict mental bondage of pain and suffering.
  • thinking with with the Houses of Ego
  • Consumptive Modeling of the Imposter Spirit and related forces
  • predator mind
  • mind control victimizer archetypes used to control and manipulate subconscious mind of the collective consciousness of human beings
  • all influences and consequences of mind control victimizer archetypes
  • AI signal transmissions of fear-based survival consciousness
  • anything that keeps humans polarized in their lower three energy
  • all cords with artificial red wave signals
  • mind slides
  • negative form and shadow content from the subconscious layers
  • mind content and shadow selves reabsorbed into the auric body
  • distorted shadow bodies from our fallen history, subconscious fear and trauma memories, astral body damage
  • splitting between the elemental physical body layers, the subconscious mind and the lower and higher aspects of the astral identity
  • destroy negative forms instruction set and send it back as raw material to merge back with the heart of God


Call 2: Clearing Astral Plane & Exercising Visualizing and Energizing Visions

Friday, 21th

Aim: to clear entities, energetic attachments, hooks, cords, and external negative vibrational influences blocking us from spiritual connection, emotional balance, mental peace, and the ability to create positively in life.


  • spiritual blocks, entities, and attachments through your present and past lives, and through your ancestral lineages
  • accumulated negative energies, alter egos, attached souls and soul family
  • auric weaknesses, holes, tears, and inappropriate vulnerability
  • binding or attachments to discordant states and thoughts
  • control programs — trying to control rather than let go
  • curses, dark angels / dark energies / dark forces, demonic presences / demonic forces, discarnate souls / extra souls
  • EMF interference, energy bands and force fields that prevent higher spiritual communication
  • energy cords and bindings that drain energy entities


Call 3: Clearing Intergalactic Negative Influences & Exercising Tuning Into Desirable Timeline

Saturday, 22nd

Aim: to access the causal seed fear event in the timeline and terminate the reversal seed fear and mind control slavery to poverty consciousness; to perform clearing on first triad bodies, their interconnected matrices and all higher mind matrices.


  • seed fears, slavery and poverty mind control
  • dead light cords, implants and devices that block direct connection to inner spiritual source light
  • the dead light holograms that are embedded within the 1D and elemental functions of the entire 1D body
  • all false holograms in our lightbody, space or region and eliminating them from being used against our body
  • any blockages, implants, painful or obsolete energies that are able to be cleared, dissolved and neutralized, in order to expand consciousness to experience the highest and most authentic version of ourselves – Heroic Self