Women’s Empowerment (6 Week Course)

Healing and Awakening the Divine Feminine


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Women's Empowerment (6 Week Course)


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As women most of us have gone through a lot of things in our lives specific to being a woman; that has caused a number of things: repression, trauma, confusion, dis-empowerment, and oftentimes negative patterns that keep us from being in our fullest potential and our most authentic selves. In this course, we will work on healing ourselves and awakening the true feminine power within.

Using tools of “authentic expression and communication” we will create a bonding environment where each woman feels safe to share and explore her healing.
using tools of transformation we will step by step awaken the healing process, share breakthroughs, and finding the support we all need to thrive on the pathway home.

Taya Raine has been leading women’s empowerment courses for over two decades. She brings a strong presence deeply rooted in wisdom and compassion. Her own journey of healing the feminine led her to want to help others along the way.

Utilizing a vast array of tools, these courses are also incredibly powerful.

6-week course, 90 minutes classes, instructions for weekly practices and modalities, daily inspiration emails for health and well-being. An e-book course at the completion of level one empowerment.

There are 6 courses in total, each building upon the next; allowing us to build community support and progress together step-by-step on the journey home to ourselves.