Offer 3: Experience Your 5D Template

MP4 Downloads from Item 1 + 3 90 Minute Zoom Calls Replays + Private 45 Minute call

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Offer 3: Experience Your 5D Template


2 Payment Option Available

Includes Accessing Your 5D Radiance (2) MP4s for download

  • Thriving in Your Radiance Eye Activation (MP4)
  • Inner Radiance Journey (MP4)

Living Your 5D Template Online Group Series

  • Description of Group Series: In this series, we will focus on flipping the old script, activating the new script, and then living the new script!
  • Includes 3 Group Sessions with Tanja James
  • These are 90 Minute Calls that take place at 4 pm Pacific Time (they will be recorded and replay available)
    • October 5th, 2022Clearing the 3d & 4d Templates
      • Learn how to filter out the false matrixes, limiting beliefs, karmic DNA, ancestral lineage, generational and soul ancestral lineage – giving us the gift of clean slate.
    • October 12th, 2022 Activating Your 5D New Earth Chrystiline Template
      • Learn how to anchor into your new template by opening your intuition, third eye, and crown to receive from your galactic star home, your highest and best timeline for your soul.
    • October 19th, 2022 – Cocreating With New Earth & The Universe
      • Learning how to flow with quantum presence, quantum flow, to birth your new story.

Experience Your 5D Template Private 45 minute Session with Tanja

  • Custom attunement for your crystalline new earth 5d template
  • Private support to bring your super consciousness on board with the changes taking place
  • Address resistance to change
  • Willingness to change will be set to 100%, being able to experience 5d templates feels like so that you know when you’re doing your daily routine the feeling that you’re looking for to know you’re anchored into this quantum flow state.
  • Understand what experiencing 5d templates feels like to identify when you’re anchored into this quantum flow state.
  • Come with your questions to get channeled guidance on any areas of concern, challenging situations that you’d like insight on.