Offer 1: Accessing Your 5D Radiance

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Offer 1: Accessing Your 5D Radiance


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Thriving in Your Radiance Eye Activation (MP4)

For this activation, I am able to reach you by using my eyes as conduits to send the universal light that you are meant to receive. I tap into pillars of the light, our archangels, guides, and Higher Self girding this healing container with pure source energy and pure love for your highest good. I invite the Harmonic Codes to ignite your inner radiance, divine flow, softening of your heart and accessing deeper levels of peace, and abundance in all forms — happiness, joy, calm, time, resources, connection and meaning – all that you need to receive right here and right now.

Inner Radiance Journey (MP4)

This 15 minute meditation is designed to create your path to finding your “I am.” You will be guided to delve into:

  • the root of your body and ground all the way into healing Mother Earth
  • Embracing your strength and power with gentleness and self compassion so that you can claim your radiance and glow in your brilliance
  • The light is within you, surrounding you, shining through you
  • The safety to shine your bright light, being totally safe to own and be in your radiance and brilliance as the spark.
  • Breathing in the I am.

This is YOUR light and YOUR glow – this meditation will help you step into it!