Offer 5: Goddess Metatreiya Biometric Analysis Reading


Goddess Metatreiya Biometric Analysis Reading


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Goddess Metatreiya Energy is brought to us through Archangel Metatron. The Goddess Metatreiya Biometric Analysis brings together all of the most glorious and majestic universal elements in the form of an energy reading. There may also be messages that are passed on during the email. She verifies to us, the majesty of Source’s Universal and intelligent consciousness, love and devotion to our Light Evolution.

“The proof of the Living Light will be shown to you through vibrational revelation”

We experience the brightness of Light and how it serves humanity in all aspects of our Being. Goddess Metatreiya is particularly interested in the way that we utilise, hold, distribute and integrate vibration within our vessel. Her nurturing, loving and powerful frequency is here to assist all aspects of the physical vessel. More so from an earthly level. Her Light is here to enable us to experience Divine Vibrational Freedom. The Reading may involve insight on your health, emotional, mental, physical and Lightbody. Tammy will require a recent photograph of you, within the last four weeks, your full name and date of birth. She will then put together the Light Analysis, containing information on your energetic blueprint at this point in time. (Please allow up to 5 days to receive your reading via email).