Offer 3: Goddess Metatreiya Energy Therapist Attunement


Goddess Metatreiya Energy Therapist Attunement


2 Payment Option Available

The Goddess Metatreiya Energy is brought to us through Archangel Metatron. She verifies to us, the majesty of Source’s Universal and intelligent consciousness, love and devotion to our Light Evolution. The Distant Attunement is open to everyone. You will be able to offer Goddess Metatreiya distant energy sessions and also attune others to her frequency. This energy brings a connection to the most Divine Feminine frequencies. Working deep into our biophysical matrix, so we sense the codings of light through our electromagnetic vibration, Goddess Metatreiya, working alongside Archangel Metatron, brings nurturing bliss to the human vessel. Once ordered please email me to set up the distant Attunement. If you wish to receive further personalised live training then please book a Zoom Light Consultancy session. (The GM Training now includes both Level I and Level II which differs from the previous GM workbook information). (No certificates are issued).