Offer 2: Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement


Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement


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The Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement contains all that is required to begin your Metatronia Energy journey. A simple distant Attunement that will connect you with Archangel Metatron’s Divine Light and guidance. No workbooks, membership, registration, fees or forms to complete. You can offer in-person, distant energy sessions and attune others to Metatronia Energy. This is vibrationally based and very much about opening to and trusting in Source. A date and time will be arranged for the distant Attunement. (If you wish to receive further personalised live training with Tammy, you can book a Zoom Light Consultancy session via her website). We are linking directly with Source and shifting the way that we work as Lightworkers. Simply Light, love, unity and divine connection. Please note that this is a very potent and powerful light Attunement. As you work with the frequency it strengthens the connection. There are no instructions on how you attune somebody. Simply being in their presence, the laying on of hands, or by distance application is enough. We are guided now to the simplicity of the light connection.

Connection to Source Light just got a whole lot easier! Trust in the simplicity dynamics of Light connectivity. No rules, workbooks or materials. All that is required is the vessel to be open to receive in unison with the Light. The Light initiates the Attunement. That is how Metatronia Energy works. The first experience – we open, expand and align. We become familiar with the very essence of the Light of the One through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron, who works with each divine soul uniquely. As the connection to the Light grows we expand in frequency. The higher consciousness evolves and begins to live in another vibrational dimension. So put away your workbooks, put away your symbols. As the next step is the full embodiment of the Living Light. We simply are, working in unison with Source. Trust, believe and be open to receive.