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Metatronia Source Light Attunement


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The Metatronia Source Light Attunement (SLA) is an authentic vibrational experience of the vessel (body) opening to Source through Metatronia Light codings. It is the Metatronia signature Attunement. The initial Light experience. It has helped many to align to their true soul path. Aligning with your soul blueprint. There are vibrational and transformational changes after the Attunement. Many have experienced a whole new world opening up before them as the light brings vibrational alignment. It is open to everyone. This is a distant Attunement with no forms, certificate or workbooks. A mutual date and time is set up for the Attunement which is done via Distance and you are requested to lie down for up to one hour. Allow the energy to take you wherever it wishes to take you. Simplicity is key as we unite with Source frequency. As Source assists in our vibrational alignment we must be open to receive the divine and most sacred counsel of the one true light which directs and orchestrates every aspect of our being. As we connect with Source, the vessel expands into divine truth. The SLA will assist your vessel in taking in more light. It will assist in divine synchronicity and manifestation, brings you home within your being and brings alignment to all aspects of your earthly form. It assists with healing and alignment and guides you to that which is your true path. Allowing the vessel to be more open consciously and physically to the magnificence of Source. It is very much about initial connection, opening and expansion into light. A unique and personal experience. There is a 4-week ongoing vibrational alignment and integration period with the SLA. Email guidance is provided for this period. Further guidance and mentoring is offered through the Zoom Light consultancy option. (No certificates are issued).