Mastery Empowerment Course: Five Sacred Minutes to Your JOYFUL ABUNDANT SELF

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90 Minutes

Mastery Empowerment Course: Five Sacred Minutes to Your JOYFUL ABUNDANT SELF


This masterclass is for you if you are (or know you are going to be) an enlightened entrepreneur looking to create a career sharing your gifts with the world with calm and Joy. You are ready to become the energetic match for your next level of joyful abundance with calm trust and certainty.

There are a few main things that hold powerful enlightened entrepreneurs back from creating their legacy lives and generational wealth.

KNOWN — Clarity — then choosing it and acting on it!

When we have too many ideas, we can easily be distracted and forget to slow down — stop and choose, then act without judging it or waiting to be perfect.

UNKNOWN — This is what stops most from moving into the next level

the stuck energies, interference energies, procrastinating energies and trickster energies that are not known by the conscious mind. (Light language bypasses the conscious mind and gets right to the problem, clearing it!)

When you are ready to create with a new powerful multidimensional energy of love aligned to the Divine Oneness Energy, you will feel the Joy of celebrating and creating what you desire — including helping your clients and tribe create what they desire.

You will experience quantum shifts physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually as you create the 3D/5D body and 3D/5D body of work — the business you desire that lights you up with great Joy and excitement!

When you learn to clear away all energy that isn’t for you and connect deeply to everything that is, living Joyfully as your abundant self becomes easy, fulfilling, & fun.

This is what you will experience and walk away with
  • You will meet with your Highest Guides and Angels (your soul team), experience the highest consciousness that you are ready to receive, and experience Light Language that takes you beyond what your mind can conceive. With Sound Therapy Activations you will enter into the Quantum Field to activate your business to a Joyful Abundance Level of Wealth in ways that you have never even imagined. You will enter the realm of New Joyful Possibilities!
  • You will learn the 3-step process you need to create your Joyful Enlightened Self in 5 Sacred Minutes to impact thousands and create income doing what you love.
  • You will begin to create a career you love from your heart, and as you share it, that joyful love you feel expands and lights the world!
  • You will know as a love being and light being that what you choose is already choosing you. What you desire also desires you! You can have a career you love knowing you are doing what you came here to do, knowing you will be creating your greatest Joy and leaving your mark here on the planet. You came here at this time for a very important reason that only you can bring that forth!
  • You will experience yourself as a Multidimensional Creator. Once you know this power of you and feel the impact you can have, your whole life changes and you will experience the energy of Divine Love from Source Energy moving through you showing you what is the next divine step to take.