Package B: 30 Minute Session with Susan + Package A

Package B: 30 Minute Session with Susan + Package A


​In an Angel Blueprint Session you will connect with your Angels and other high dimensional guides and experience a shift to your Joyful Abundant Self! With Sound Therapy Activations, Angels Songs Light Language, Crystal Bowl and Sound Therapy Frequencies you will clear what you are ready to clear and create what you are choosing to create.

Sound Therapy and Light Language bypasses the thinking mind and creates a rapid shift in vibration for the individual.

​As a result, you begin to create more calm and Joy and Fun!

Many experience life changing shifts after an Angel Session, Many clearing things they have been stuck with for years and begin seeing Joyful Abundance of improved health, increased income, money and clients, and greater states of peace, joy and fun!

Creating with Sound Therapy and the Angels is fast, effective and fun and is a Joyful way to bring abundance in all areas of your life.

Susan opens each session with Angels Song asking the highest Guides for the most Joyful Contribution to the session! You may have questions ready or just know that the Angels will give you the information you require to set you on your path to Joyful Abundance! You will have a Sound Therapy Activation/Meditation created just for you to bring you to all the Joyful Abundance you choose and Ask for! These are recorded and you can listen to them again and again.