Package A: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations + 1 Group Healing Session

Includes her latest Mastery Empowerment Course

Audio and Video Download Available

Package A: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations + 1 Group Healing Session


Item 1: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations

Create a Life of Joyful Abundance!

These powerful activations assist in transforming your life allowing you to create more health, wealth and a Joyful Abundant Life. You will experience Light Language which will bypass the thinking mind and is Fast and Effective to bring you the change that you are asking for.

You can use them over and over again as needed as a daily shift to help you create what you choose that lights you up and gives you joy!


You will:

Item 2: 1 Group Healing Session

You will be Experiencing the Current Energy downloads that are just right for what you are willing to receive and that will assist you in creating what gives you your greatest Joy!

There will be Sound Therapy Activations, Angel Songs for those attending live and those that listen to the recording will have an even more powerful activation due to the group Activation at the time! All will have Access to the Recordings and Sound Therapy Activations!

You will have an opportunity to receive an Angel Song Reading as well as Light Language Activations if you attend live!

Bonus: 5 Medititations

Bonus 1: Releasing Limitations Meditation

Release the energy in your body where you are holding a limitation – all sickness And PAIN!
You will Be Empowered and know how to heal yourself with this meditation!
​Would you like to feel in charge of your health and feel good being here on the planet?

Bonus 2: Be Empowered Meditation

This mediation will Activate and Empower you to receive from Your Higher Guides and Angels
to spread your Wings and share your gifts and shine!

With Light Language – you will feel the NEW Emerald Green Energy of growing and Being comfortable Being here !

You will receive the Energy that will allow you to attract: Health Money and Joy for yourself and to share with others!

​You will Experience the NEW Golden Light Energy to Create More Joyful Abundance than you can even imagine!

Bonus 3: Unplugging Meditation

Enjoy Unplugging from all that does not give You Joyful Abundance!

​This will assist you in unplugging from the problems of the world!

Bonus 4: Rainbow Ribbon Meditation

Experience the White light New Energy of Rainbow light to allow new opportunities and new possibilities
and new health and to learn all lessons moving forward from the path of Joy!

​You will learn how to take the pain out of your body and share the gift of you without distractions.

Bonus 5: Just for This Moment Meditation

Just for the moment feel what it would feel like without and worry or fear?

In this meditation the light language will empower you to choose Joyful Abundance in all areas of your life!

​Learn which Oil helps release helplessness to be Empowered and hear a message from the Angels who remind us they are available to help with feeling calm and peace!

Our world is created with Joy today because of you and I am so grateful!