OFFER #1 ~ Full Package with Crystalline Karmic Liberation from Suppression session

OFFER #1 ~ Full Package with Crystalline Karmic Liberation from Suppression session

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Crystalline Karmic Liberation from Suppression session

1-1 session (private Zoom call experience)

We’ll create a safe, sacred space for transformation and liberation: the Crystalline Chamber of Light, with a crystal specially selected by your Higher Self.

I’ll bring in a transmission of Pure Source Light from the Great Central Sun, the Light of Truth, for discovery, revelation and deep clearing.

We’ll call forth the guidance and support of the Lipika, the Celestial Beings who are the Scribes of Karma.
I’ll lead you to clear the Karmic Entanglements of Suppression at all 4 levels:

  • In your aura (relating to this current incarnation)
  • In your Past Timeline
  • In your Genealogical Maternal Line
  • In your Genealogical Paternal Line

Being safe, guided and supported through these systematic and thorough clearings, you’ll set yourself free from the Loops, Patterns and Paradigm of suppression.

Presenting themselves as a cobweb, these karmic entanglements may be experienced as entrapment in a web of wires, even barbed wires piercing into your Being, or rubber bands pulling you back into loops from which there seems to be no way out…

Holding in place the cobweb of karmic entanglements are bundles of strings anchored in the aura where they create pressure, congestion, attachments, limitations… and extending into the past timelines (personal and genealogical) where they are rooted with knots ~ these were created by fractures from the Divine Self, leading to highly-emotional, traumatic experiences of separation between the Higher Self and the Human Self…

In each of the 4 clearings:

  • Fracture points are healed as the karmic lessons are retrieved
  • Karmic knots are untied and the residual emotions, beliefs, patterns and energies are returned to Nothingness
  • Entanglements of suppression, being suppressed, suppressing yourself… are cleared, that had prevented you so far from perceiving and accessing the treasures of your lineages
  • Perceptions from old suppression-based distortions are freed
  • Pearls of wisdom are collected that will allow you to embrace and live by your new, upgraded perceptual awareness ~ activations occur as needed, turning this wisdom into gifts of service wherever relevant
  • Awareness of the presence of the Divine within is restored, natural power is reclaimed as the power of the Divine within!
  • Your Blueprint of Divine Perception is restored and actualized
  • Upgrades to your perception from multiple dimensions and frequencies are made ~ your perception of the Divine within you and all that is!

All of this sets you free to explore, perceive, access, activate the multidimensional treasures of your lineages ~ your rightful inheritance!

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