Grace-Full Healing of the Heart Wound

A Series of 4 Transformational Workshops

Total Value $534

Grace-Full Healing of the Heart Wound + Bonus

  • A Series of 4 Transformational Workshops

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This workshop series is composed of 4 live group healing calls (audio calls of a duration of about 1h30 each), each one dedicated to the deep clearing of one of 4 archetypes of the heart woundedness: the Victim, the Perpetrator, the Witness, the Self-Wounding One. To complete each clearing, a transmission of the Orb of Grace and infusion of Grace in your heart will be offered, allowing you to be held in and nurtured with Grace all along the way, throughout the dismantling of the bundle of interconnected heart-wound archetypes.

We’ll call on Archangel Michael to Empower, Magnify and Catalyze the healing process, for the Restoration of Divine Order and the establishment of a New Paradigm of Grace ~ replacing the old, obsolete paradigm of abuse, woundedness and victim consciousness.

In the safe, sacred space of the Crystalline Chamber of Light, within a flow of Pure Source Light, you will deeply excavate and systematically release the emotions, limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns of all 4 archetypes of the woundedness of your heart:

  • the Victim (workshop #1),
  • the Perpetrator (workshop #2),
  • the Witness (workshop #3),
  • the Self-Wounding One (workshop #4).

Emotions are the ‘glue’ that holds beliefs and patterns in place and those will be dismantled with the release of the anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, despair attached to each of the 4 heart-woundedness archetypes. The clearings will take place in all levels of your energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), in your past timeline (past lives), your genealogical maternal and paternal lines, your parallel timelines.

Forgiveness, compassion and gratitude will be offered, and received, at all levels.

You’ll collect the Pearls of Wisdom and illuminate your present and your future timeline with Divine Wisdom, enlightening your environment… and beyond!

With these massive clearings, tremendous space will be freed, in which your Heart will finally receive an infusion of Grace, with a live transmission of the Orb of Grace in conclusion of each workshop.


+ Intention call CHOOSING GRACE TOGETHER ~ 1h live audio group call + PDF

We’ll start our program with gathering on a live group call to create a safe, sacred space for our heart-healing journey; I will share precise instructions for your workshop preparation, in order to optimize your experience, gaining the deepest transformation in the smoothest possible way.
You will receive 3 Power Claiming Keys, specifically crafted linguistic keys to claim your power to set and hold your intentions, all along this healing journey and beyond. These are delivered on the live call in a flow of pure Source light for activation and assimilation, as well as in beautiful PDF format that you will be able to refer to at any time for support, encouragement and empowerment.
You’ll know and experience yourself as being held in a Sacred Space that will allow you to feel safe, guided and supported, and to have compassion for yourself as you dive into your heart’s woundedness and specific wounds, gain awareness of them and finally release them!


With this set of 5 audio tracks (5 variations with different healing sound backgrounds) you will receive the Orb of Grace and an infusion of Grace in your heart, in your own time, and as often as you like: you can never overdose on Grace!!
Entraining your Heart to Grace, you’ll consistently train your Heart to invite, welcome, receive, hold and emanate Grace; and if, in moments or phases when life gets intense, and tapping into Grace becomes a challenge, you’ll have the perfect resource to guide and support you to do so: your emergency ‘go-to Grace’ solution will always be available to you so that you can remain in alignment with your choosing Grace, no matter what the intensity in your life and/or in the world.

+ BONUS 2: Special Masterclass “Radical Grace for the New Earth” (audio recording)

There are situations to which Grace is the ONLY answer!
To support you in being ready to meet ALL situations with Grace, I’ve created a Special Masterclass: RADICAL GRACE FOR THE NEW EARTH.
It includes for you to be guided in a process, to discover or create your personal Code for Grace ~ your unique, powerful way to call forth Grace in ALL situations!

The healing of your heart’s woundedness brings your life experience to a whole new level: the level of Grace as the new normal, present in every day and if you choose, in every moment!

  • Reach unprecedented levels of healthy self-esteem and grace-full resilience, with your heart liberated from the 4 archetypes of woundedness; your value and belief system are upgraded as a consequence for greater integrity, and commitment to your path
  • Reclaiming the sovereignty of your healed heart, be empowered for the true heart-centeredness you have only dreamed of! Magnify your ability for compassion, forgiveness, gratefulness, for others and for yourself as well!
  • Free from projections, step out of the human drama of the victim/perpetrator; establish and hold natural, healthy boundaries by tapping into the Grace dwelling in your heart; be a model for and support humanity’s liberation from victimization, abuse and victim consciousness
  • Allow and facilitate the healing of physical symptoms and diseases affecting your heart; bring your whole body and health to greater balance; get rid of the coping mechanisms (including addictions) no longer needed by your healed heart
  • Gain and maintain new levels of mental well-being (issues of anxiety, depression, emotional overwhelm fade out and/or can be healed when the heart is free from woundedness) as your heart and mind can finally operate as a strong, balanced, cooperative tandem
  • Allow the gift of Grace into your heart to generate an abundance of love, peace, truth, freedom, wisdom, sovereignty, prosperity ~ for yourself and for others
  • Through the grace-full guidance your heart becomes ready to receive and follow, experience a whole new level of synchronicities, meaningful connections and Divine Orchestrations
  • Step into a higher and most potent form of selfless service: being an agent of Grace, a servant of Grace ~ upgrade your service as a healer, messenger, lightworker, artist… by pouring Grace into your creations, expressions and offerings
  • Contribute to alleviate the burdens of Humanity, being of service to the Ascension in progress ~ thus drawing even more Grace for yourself!
  • Model for and inspire others in creating an infinite in-and-out flow of Grace, self-generated and self-sustained
  • Play your part in the rise of the new Earth in which hearts unite, resonate, co-create ~ no longer in their woundedness, but finally in Grace!