Mastery Empowerment Course: The Next Phase of Humanity: Human to Superhuman

Get ready to evolve into the next phase of humanity and beyond being human to superhuman.

Mastery Empowerment Course: he Next Phase of Humanity: Human to Superhuman


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Our world is rapidly transforming to a new higher evolution of existing. Consciousness and technology advances will move our world into a New Earth with super humans with super abilities and awarenesses. We will be preparing for the birth of this next 20 year era with this event helping you to become aware of your path amidst it and your alignment within it.

This will be a 5 session workshop training and shifting you to work in your own Akashic Enlightenment focusing on the topic of this next phase of humanity with energy transmission meditations to help align your frequency to this new evolutionary path as is aligned for your highest and best soul path alignment connected to Source. There will be 5 days of receiving higher guidance and soul alignement with Akashic Enlightenment questions and a total of 5 30 minute energy transmissions which actively align your consciousness and energy field frequencies of this new path.

5 Session Workshop Includes:

  • Akashic Enlightenment training material handouts for you to use during training
  • Comprehensive knowledge and instructions of how to use Akashic Enlightenment
  • We will look at your awakening to your full evolved conscious super human self of this next era, what this awakening is all about, how you can evolve with it and what actions you’ll need to take.
  • We will take a look at this grander plan that the Divine Lords of Light and Source have in store for our entire New Earth.
  • Learn how to access and work in your own Akashic Enlightenment, your Akashic Records and the Book of Truth of knowledge for self realization and ascension.
  • Receive your own direct guidance on these topics to help prepare you and shift you into alignment for this next phase of humanity.
  • Energy meditation transmissions to assist you with this alignment even further helping you awaken and be fully prepared for what is to come.

5 90 minute sessions with 5 Akashic Enlightenment receiving higher guidance sessions and 5 30 minute energy transmissions in the Akashic Enlightenment field with the Divine Lords of Light, after an introduction and followed by a discussion, sharing your experiences and any questions.

Learn more about Akashic Enlightenment in Sherry Mosley’s book “Akashic Enlightenment Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension” available on her website or Amazon and via the Akashic Enlightenment trainings she teaches.

Benefits of these sessions:

  • Akashic Enlightenment training
  • Understand more where humanity is going in this next phase of new earth
  • Align you with your new higher evolved path.
  • See other timelines and lifetimes you were super human
  • Understand you purpose within this new shift
  • Clear blocks to this evolutionary path so you can easily flow with it
  • Understand how you can be of service as part of this new evolutionary plan
  • Release fears of embracing this path and align with your souls path
  • Learn how to receive higher guidance
  • Build your pillar of Light consciousness above the head
  • Access your own Akashic Records and the multidimensional Book of Truth
  • Learn to read your Akashic Enlightenment
  • Elevate your Light frequencies
  • Be assisted in materializing new higher frequency realities
  • Accelerate your awakening consciousness
  • Connect to 5th-12th density frequency
  • Meet and connect with your soul family here on Earth during this event to join in the journey of awakening together