Mastery Empowerment Course: The Galactic Bi Slides

True Core of Light With the Galactic Federation

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The Galactic Bi Slides


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This will be a series of 3 weekly sessions in which we conduct extra terrestrial, or Interdimensional being, contact with the Galactic Federation of Light (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, + more) for a new level of connection in the new energies now available.

A new adventure into multidimensional travel. We the Gaalctic Federation will take you to a new zone of the galactic center where all of our star families will bring you through to a new timeline dimensional space of understanding who you truly are from a point of all of our Knowledge put together. We call it bi sliding as each of our groups is allowed to bring in a dimensional view for soul experiment and evolution to True Core of Light that many of your ascended masters have taught us.

Bi sliding allows you to go to a reality and mend another reality by using or taking the snippets from one to another creating a bi slide. The bi slide is pure cocreation energy where anything is possible for it is only when you are in pure or whole alignment. It is how anything is created we are just using only highest timelines to do this creation.

3 90 minute sessions with 3 30 minute energy transmissions after an introduction and followed by a discussion, sharing your experiences and any questions.

Not required, but if you wish to enhance your experience and you already know how to open your Akashic Enlightenment, you are welcome to do so. If you don’t already know how you can easily learn how in Sherry Mosley’s book “Akashic Enlightenment Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension” available on her website or Amazon and via the Akashic Enlightenment trainings she teaches.