Mastery Empowerment Course: Ascending Being Healing

Personal Healing, Wealth & Prosperity, and Conscious Relationships

Mastery Empowerment Course: Ascending Being Healing


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In this 3 session event we will be working with the Akashic Enlightenment field, your Akashic Records, and the Book of Truth, and with the Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing helping you as an ascending being. It will focus to clear and heal karmic patterns and wounds on the ancestral karma, collective karma, and personal karmic levels and align with your highest soul or Source self alignments in personal healing, wealth and prosperity, and conscious relationships.

The first session will be a personal healing for either what is highest and best or something specific that you have an intention for. The second will be focused on clearing lack mentality and staying in alignment with abundance, wealth and prosperity. The third session will be clearing blocks and patterns in relationships clearing negative or unconscious relationship cycles or mind patterns to align with conscious relationship behaviors and states of being. These are 3 core areas for the human experience in which we grow the most and where we often struggle the most by getting caught in collective and ancestral karmIc patterns. These sessions will assist you in stepping out of these karmic and unconscious ways of being to higher aligned ways of being. The sessions can be replayed for regular meditation and energy and consciousness realignment support and manifestation.

Each session will include a 30 minute Aqualorian Crystaline Light Healing energy transmission bringing in frequencies of healing and awakening on all levels of being, spiritual, causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical, affecting all of your auric field resonances to your outward material world experiences and rebalancing and clearing your toroidal field. This year Sherry will adding in her latest highest levels of Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing she received this year in Mt. Shasta.

The Aqualorians are a multidimensional and Interdimensional being form and consciousness that is assisting us as an Angleic level of Interdimensional being would do. They are teaching us this healing modality to assist us in healing on all levels of being primarily focusing here on shifting consciousness to lead to a better quality of life in peace, joy and alignment with higher self or your True Soul Self that is aligned with Source and Universal Consciousness. They have already achieved this state and level of being and thus now teach us.

The Aqualorians are a 9th density ancient builder race of Cosmic Consciousness and Divine Resourcing Angelic level extra terrestrial group (Angelics to the Galactic Federation) that Sherry Mosley met in Mount Shasta in 2018 where she was attuned to their healing modality over a series of years. Their Cyrstalline Light Healing connects to the ancient Grail Line Frequencies (held by Grail Line Keepers) here on Earth via the Essene (who taught Ascended Master Jesus before he Ascended) and those before them.

Aqualorian Crystalline Light Frequency being a 9th density frequency returns one back to their cellular memory in form incarnation back to it’s Original Blueprint, ‘out of linear time’ sequence and back to Source, healing and upgrading your toroidal field and oscillation rate and realigning the consciousness to it’s highest possible level at the present time it is applied. This allows for healing on all levels, spiritual, causal, emotional, mental, and physical.

Each of Sherry’s sessions are conducted in the Akashic Enlightenment energy field in the shamanic practice of opening up higher dimensional realms connecting to the benevolent spiritual realms and Universal Source Consciousness with Ascended Masters  and Archangel Metatron as our guides. We will be connecting through your Akashic Records and the multiuniversal and multidimensional knowledge of the Book of Truth ranging from 5th density to 12th density frequency (full Ascended Master) consciousness. As a Twin Light Ray aligned and assigned on Earth to help it to ascend into New Earth the sessions will also connect to Sherry’s fully activated Twin Light Ray helix formation allowing you to advance your consciousness dna helix. At times some say that they see this Light glowing from Sherry around her sessions.

3 90 minute sessions with 3 30 minute energy transmissions in the Akashic Enlightenment field with Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing, after an introduction and followed by a discussion, sharing your experiences and any questions.

Not required, but if you wish to enhance your experience and you already know how to open your Akashic Enlightenment, you are welcome to do so. If you don’t already know how you can easily learn how in Sherry Mosley’s book “Akashic Enlightenment Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension” available on her website or Amazon and via the Akashic Enlightenment trainings she teaches.

Benefits of these sessions:

  • Expand and revitalize your Merkabah/Lightbody, chakras, auric space, and energy meridians
  • Receive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing
  • Realign with a sense of well being
  • Expand and raise your awareness
  • Realign with your highest soul path
  • Step out of misaligning fears and worthiness blocks to wealth and abundance
  • Feel at peace within yourself and with the path ahead, known or unknown
  • Recenter, realign and ground your entire energy system
  • Awaken out of karmic and/or biologically driven based relationship cycles and step into conscious relationship
  • Connect with 12th density Ascended Being consciousness
  • Have 3 powerful energy sessions to use regularly as energy healings and realignings for regular daily, weekly or monthly practice