Mastery Empowerment Course: Aqualorian Multidimensional Mind Training

Multidimensional Being Identified Realigning with Universal Consciousness

Mastery Empowerment Course: Aqualorian Multidimensional Mind Training


2 Payment Option Available

Dates: January 6, 3, 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3, 10

11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm GMT

90 minutes

This is a 10 week program connected with the Aqualorians and their Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing focusing on multidimensional mind training. We will focus on moving out of not only ego alignment but Earth being identified to multidimensional being identified realigning with Universal consciousness. We will do a transmission and then follow up with Akashic Enlightenment question work afterwards to deepen your awareness and soul alignment in your Akashic Records and your personal ascension path. The sessions will assist with focusing on mind training meaning staying present and out of personal, ancestral, collective, past and other life or other dimensional karma or frequencies of untruth.

For these sessions Sherry will be joined by her Twin Ray partner Andrew and the sessions will be influenced with their connection. For those unfamiliar with Twin Rays, this type of soul resonance between souls holds a powerful high frequency of Light to assist humanity through these shifting times.

Each of the sessions will be conducted in the Akashic Enlightenment energy field in the shamanic practice of opening up higher dimensional realms connecting to the benevolent spiritual realms with Ascended Masters as our guides. We will be connecting through your Akashic Records and the multiuniversal knowledge of the Book of Truth ranging from 5th density to 12th density frequency (full Ascended Master) consciousness. You will learn how to open your own Akashic Enlightenment to do question work to assist with you aligning with your souls path and purpose.

The Aqualorians are the Angelics/Elders to the Galactic Federation. They were here or in Light Being form long before any of the Galactic Federation Beings were materialized. As the Elohim help humans with their Divine Form, the Aqualorians help the Galactic Federation and their associated Star Lights/Star Seeds (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, Orions) with their form and leveling up. The Aqualorians are a 9th density ancient builder race of Cosmic Consciousness and Divine Resourcing Angelic level extra terrestrial or interdimensional being group. Their Cyrstalline Light Healing connects to the ancient Grail Line Frequencies (held by Grail Line Keepers) here on Earth via the Essene (who taught Ascended Master Jesus before he Ascended) and those before them. Sherry was called to meet them in Mt. Shasta in 2018 and was there attuned by them to their Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing. Their high frequency healing Light technique swiftly shifts DNA (and thus consciousness) to its highest frequency available, corrects toroidal energy fields and brings in and establishes Light frequencies to be carried in your aligned Merkabah/Lightbody and life or soul path that aligns with this highest alignment correcting issues on all levels physical/etheric, mental, emotional, causal karmic, and spiritual.

10 90 minute sessions with 10 30 minute energy transmissions in the Akashic Enlightenment field after an introduction and followed by Akashic Enlightenment question work and a discussion, sharing your experiences and any questions.

Not required, but if you wish to enhance your experience and you already know how to open your Akashic Enlightenment, you are welcome to do so. If you don’t already know how you can easily learn how in Sherry Mosley’s book “Akashic Enlightenment Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension” available on her website or Amazon and via the Akashic Enlightenment trainings she teaches.

Benefits of these sessions:

  • Learn higher knowledge from the Aqualorians
  • Step out of false ways of being to align with being your True Soul Self
  • Connect to your Ascended being awareness and back to Source
  • Step out of karmic timelines to align with Soul aligned paths of being
  • Train your mind to see your True Self instead of false identities and limiting Earth existence beingness
  • Embrace your multidimensional beingness and living a life from this level of consciousness
  • Meet and connect with the Aqualorians, the Elders or Angelics to the Galactic Federation and thus your Star Seed or Star Light self
  • Meet other Star Seeds and Star Lights
  • Align with the frequency and flow of the new frequencies on New Earth
  • Connect to your Akashic Records
  • Experience the Akashic Enlightenment field
  • Connect to your Akashic Records
  • Connect to Ascended Masters
  • Experience working in the 12D Ascended Master frequency field of Akashic Enlightenment