Mastery Empowerment Course: 2023 Mt. Shasta Ascension & Higher Contact Retreat: Aqualorian Prime Galactic Transmissions & Galactic Federation of Light Golden Solar

Mastery Empowerment Course: 2023 Mt. Shasta Ascension & Higher Contact Retreat: Aqualorian Prime Galactic Transmissions & Galactic Federation of Light Golden Solar


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Enter the Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim by accessing your own Akashic Records with the Book of Truth to gain Highest Divine guidance and healing for Self Enlightenment, Ascension and well being.

Make contact with Higher Beings and your resonating Star Systems/Star Family for accelerated spiritual awakening, awareness, raising your frequency and for Human Body and Light Body/Spirit Body activation, reweal, and upgrade for health, well being and soul growth/Ascension.

Experience the record of your soul throughout all of time and space to align with the Highest Divine Soul Consciousness and Your Higher Soul Self and Ascend out of lower dimensional consciousnesses to 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond. Understand your soul truth and receive divine guidance. Receive gifts, accelerate your awareness and abilities. Step out of outdated or learned patterns a

Aqualorian Prime Galactic Transmissions & Galactic Federation of Light Golden Solar Transmissions

This is an annual pilgrimage to connect to the powerful vortex of Mount Shasta using Akashic Enlightenment to connect with through the vortex to the benovolent higher beings here including Angelics, Lemurians, Ascended Master Adama, extra terrestrials of the Galactic Federation including the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans and more, and the Aqualorians who are Angelics/Elders to the Galactic Federation and powerful shamanic spirits.

This year in Mount Shasta we will be focusing on contacting the Aqualorians and the Galactic Federation of Light and doing nightly energy transmissions before making contact in the evening. These sessions will help connect you to your Star family lineages for aligning in contact as well as align with and assimilate the new higher frequencies coming to our planet this year. The transmissions will be focused on ascending your DNA frequency and consciousness.​​
This event will be like no other trip there yet as we immerse in the new frequencies and open up to interdimensional communication and healing.
During the day we will visit sacred sites on the mountain to connect with the vortex to receive gifts, knowledge and healing while on the mountain, including a morning mediation and Akashic Enlightenment work on the mountain.

In the evenings, we will do our extra terrestrial and Interdimensional being contact here with which you will learn how to use your own Akashic Enlightenment to open your frequency antenna of Ascended awareness and thus connection to higher realms. In the morning sessions we’ll review what occurred during the contact session and the transmission done there.

Akashic Enlightenment

This retreat will introduce you to Akashic Enlightenment, a powerful way to align yourself once again with your True Soul Self stepping out of false beliefs, patterns and energy, aligning with your soul and Ascension path and staying high vibration, upgrading your Human Body and Lightbody energy and vitality.

We will be learning to work with Akashic Enlightenment to connect with Higher Beings, receive Divine Knowledge, healing and upgrades via AE and Light Language and Light Frequency energy transmissions to prepare you for connecting to your highest aligned higher contact experience with star systems you already have connections to for Human Body and Light Body/Spirit Body renewal. You will learn how to unpack and integrate this higher knowledge and higher frequencies for healing and human body and Lightbody upgrade, renewal and activation.

Join us for this amazing awakening, healing and soul accelerating experience!

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta being a powerful vortex and high frequency location will allow for a deeper and accelerated connection in the work we will be doing thus making it the perfect location for this retreat as she brings you through an initiation as only she can do.
As well higher intelligent beings are known to be located here and can be seen and sensed depending on how trained your higher sense abilities are. Akashic Enlightenment is a perfect modality for this training as it opens you up to higher dimensional frequencies and opens up your vertical column of Light above the head (also called the transpersonal chakras or the Holy Spirit) connecting you to Universal Unity Consciousness tuning your natural antennae to the higher frequency communications going on and that can be personally experienced with practice.
Akashic Enlightenment Higher Contact Retreat Highlights & Benefits:
  • Accelerate your spiritual awakening and awareness process
  • Learn a powerful daily meditation for soul alignment
  • Learn how to use the Akashic Enlightenment Gateway Prayer
  • Practice working with questions to receive guidance, wisdom, energy healing, soul alignment and ascension in your Akashic Records through the Book of Truth (True Laws of the Universe)
  • Learn how to communicate with Higher Beings and connect to your resonating Star Systems and Star Families using Akashic Enlightenment
  • Learn how to receive higher contact from interdimensional and higher beings and how to unpack, integrate and ground their gifts, healing and higher knowledge
  • Shift from the 3rd Dimension consciousness to the 5th Dimension consciousness and higher
  • Awaken your Christ Consciousness and Bodhisattva Enlightenment
  • Learn to listen to your highest soul self and commune with the Beings of Light, Akashic Lords, Ascended Masters & Teachers, Interdimensional beings
  • Shift your vibration to a higher level
  • Open and access your 12th Universal Unity Consciousness chakra
  • Align with your soul stepping outside of learned patterns and behaviors and understand your soul’s purpose
  • Reconnect with Source through the Akasha via your Soul
  • Receive powerful subtle body (Divine-Spiritual-Causal-Mental-Physical-Astral/Emotional-Etheric Bodies) chakra/energy center healing for vitality and renewal, and New Moon transmission with light language
  • Upgrade your Lightbody allowing you to shed the older one no longer needed since it anchors one to a denser or lower frequency of being which through this reconnecting or refortifying of your axiatonal lines (what make up the 12 acupuncture meridians and which when in natural alignment connect with resonating star systems) to the Overself upgrading your vital life force (Qi) to a higher frequency allows for a more efficient functioning and renewing of all body functioning.
  • Prepare for the massive wave of Light to Earth and align with your Truest Self leveled up by this Light
  • Clear blocks on all levels, ancestral, karmic, collective
  • Reveal and align with your True Self behind layers of blocks
  • Align with your True Self connected to Source
  • Align with your souls path
  • Build your pillar of Light consciousness above the head
  • Connect to your own Akashic Records and the multidimensional Book of Truth
  • Elevate your Light frequencies
  • Be assisted in materializing new higher frequency realities
  • Accelerate your awakening consciousness
  • Connect to the Temple of Light energy field
  • Connect to 5th-12th density frequency
  • Meet and connect with your soul family here on Earth during this event to join in the journey of awakening together
Online event will receive all recordings which will be uploaded daily so you can pace with our in person group:
  • 5 30 minute energy transmissions recordings
  • 5 recordings of doing your own Akashic Enlightenment aligning work to unpack what came in during the contact transmission
  • Meditations at sacred sites on Mt.Shasta