Sacred Feminine Initiations Series

Deep realization and activation of our Sacred Feminine empowerment
Prerecorded series of three. 60 minutes each.

In this series, we receive the initiations we need to activate and revel in our Feminine power. We increase our worthiness and courage to express our Feminine power, which we have been afraid of for far too long. We accept the sacredness of our power as women living from our Divine Feminine energy.

The Feminine transformational energies that we have within our bodies and psyches are needed now! Join us and come alive in your Feminine power!

Guided by Lemiurian Priestess Circle of 13, Lady Portia, Lady Venus, Sophia, the Seraphina, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, Isis, Inanna, Brigid and more.

Session 1

  • Initiation of our Sacred Yoni.
  • Re-sanctification, re-vitalization, purification
  • Clearing and alchemical transmutation of feminine organs
  • Restoration of safety, empowerment, expression, worthiness
  • Honor sacred gateway of the Temple of the Feminine

Session 2

  • Initiation of Feminine cauldron of transformation
  • Receive Flame of Compassion and Inclusion
  • Alchemical cosmic process of holy fire for resurrection and transfiguration
  • Awaken spiritual creative power
  • Merge with womb of Sophia

Session 3

  • Initiation of Sacred Feminine Fire
  • Emergence of ecstatic, primordial Feminine
  • Receive silver pink flame of the Feminine
  • Re-activate ancient temples of Feminine energy
  • Encompass entire earth with powerful vortex of feminine energy

Sacred Feminine Initiations Series


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