Mastery Empowerment Course: Royal Teton Retreat Council Meetings

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Royal Teton Retreat Council Meetings


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I am so excited to bring us to this year’s July Royal Teton Council meetings. In the past, we have received information after the fact, but this year we actually get to attend. We have guides specifically assigned to show us around and admit us to meetings appropriate for us. Lord Lanto says He is so joyful that for the first time in millennia, we have attained a high enough frequency to be admitted in this way.

In July and January every year, the Royal Teton Retreat in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming USA holds meetings for the purpose of guiding humanity in the next steps of our evolution. This is the retreat of Lord Lanto, Chohan of the 2nd Ray of Illumination. He and other masters of the earth, solar system and cosmos attend and bring their great wisdom and love for us and the earth to guide us in fulfilling our very highest evolutionary destiny.

I so hope you will join us as we soar to new heights in our ascension and service paths. We are so blessed to have this assistance.

I cannot wait for us to be together for this profound experience.

  • Take guided tour of Royal Teton Retreat and Lord Lanto’s ashram
  • Attend meetings/presentations we have not been qualified to attend before
  • Meet Masters and Light Beings who may be new to us
  • Be granted special time with a Master specifically for your growth and healing
  • Activate deeper encodements for your ascension and service paths
  • Receive interpretation of light encoded presentations
  • Attain ascension initiations newly available at this retreat