Special Offer: Lemurian DNA Activation Series + State of The Planet Address

SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13
3-part series (60 minutes each)

State of the Planet Address

Includes her latest Webinar

Lemurian DNA Activations Series & State of the Planet Address + Webinar


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Lemurian DNA is being activated now in this present time on Earth in those that are ready for their Lemurian essence to be further awakened. In this process, Star DNA will also be activated. All inner workings and physical and etheric processes of the DNA will be addressed. In this series, the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 will use sacred sound, sacred geometrical energies, photonic light, channeled wisdom and silence to assist in your Lemurian DNA activation of the 12 strands through the 144 strands. Included will be DNA purification, restoration and activation so that a thorough, deep and powerful experience will be yours to assist in the sacred process of the continued awakening of your Lemurian wisdom and Presence in your current life on earth.

This includes, but is not limited to: generational DNA clearing, waves of purification, deeper heart opening, higher DNA blueprint integration, purification and stabilization of emotional and thought patterns.

This includes, but is not limited to: individual DNA Matrix activation, Lemurian timeline integration and awakening, DNA heart pulsing, increased inner communication, reconnection of Star and Lemurian DNA, restoration of damage done to DNA.

This includes, but is not limited to: collective DNA Matrix activation, yin and yang integration in DNA, 144 strand timeline integration, activation of DNA light and colors, integration and synchronization of continued process of Lemurian and Star DNA activation.

This series is a very deep and dynamic process of DNA activation, restoration and purification, which will continue as guided by your I AM Presence and your Lemurian essence. I so hope you will join us.

State of the Planet Address 2022

Lord Lanto and Master Djwhal Khul

Downloads now available

“We invite you to join us as we bring through information about the state of Earth and humanity. We will offer you information that we can share from the the Royal Teton Guiding Council meetings that took place in July at my Ashram in the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, USA. A multitude of Ascended Masters were present, from Earth and other planets as well.

We intend to enlighten you and give you hope for the future of earth and humanity. Nothing is as it appears on the surface. Many, many changes are taking place, some of which we can share with you, some of which you are a part of, some of which you are already assisting with (known or unknown to you).

Join us as our dearest SanRa channels myself and Master Djwhal Khul for an uplifting and enlightening time together. We love you all. We honor each and every one of you.

My great love and blessings,
Lord Lanto”

Note from SanRa: I so hope you will join us. I know this will be invaluable to all of us. I can’t wait to see what they have to tell us!