Feminine Portal Opening Now

Receive cosmic feminine energy from the star Betelgeuse
With SanRa Mecanta Lash Tei and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13

Feminine Portal Opening Now


2 Payment Option Available

“Please join me as my representative, SanRa, Lady of Betelgeuse, guides us in bringing forth the energies needed to open the very sacred Feminine Portal of Betelgeuse.  Each of you holds an encoded key necessary to come together and open the portal from the “inside”, your earth side. I am opening it from the Cosmic side. As we join together in our focus, we are able to fully open the portal and direct the Feminine energy to appropriate places on earth.

You are deeply honored for your Presence.”

~~~Star Betelgeuse

On February 29th during the leap year in 2024, there will be a monumental event where a new cosmic feminine portal will be opened, allowing a great influx of cosmic feminine energy into the earth plane.

While we are out of time and space on this day of “catching up” within our Gregorian calendar system, we are able to experience the incoming cosmic feminine energy originating from the star Betelgeuse in the Orion system.

This cosmic feminine portal is being permanently opened with a continuous flow of energy entering earth and all of those upon and within earth.

The energy of Betelgeuse will supply the feminine grid system on earth with higher frequency and offer greater ability to influence women and men and the planet in the expression of their sacred feminine energy, thus assisting the upliftment of earth and all of her inhabitants.

In our time together, we will:

  • Take our place in opening the feminine portal
  • Receive and integrate the great fiery feminine energy of Betelgeuse
  • Assist in directing the Betelgeuse energy to the feminine grid on earth
  • Transcend and transmute the corruption to the divine Feminine on earth

I am thrilled for all of us to be working together with Betelgeuse and this high frequency feminine energy now being allowed to enter the earth plane. I so hope you will join us. Men and women welcome.

Upon making payment, you are part of the group and will be participating on the inner planes, even when you listen to the recording later.