Cosmic Ascension Group

Guidance from Star Betelgeuse from SanRa

Cosmic Ascension Group


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“My dear cosmic human friends,

This group and many of the future groups will provide you with energy and information for your cosmic ascension process. You are moving through your earth ascension to a greater level of Mastery and have moved through the gateways that provide cosmic ascension possibilities and guidance. You are still growing in your earth Mastery, but can now begin in earnest your cosmic ascension process. I am here to guide you.

We will use the MATRIX OF ENIGHTENED ENERGY to assist you in your continued cosmic and earth ascension process. Myself and many other earth and cosmic Masters will be introduced to you for your highest benefit. Cosmic ascension is more about frequency elevation than facts, but there is much information to be offered and integrated.

All of the cosmic masters joyfully invite you to be part of this cosmic ascension process as we love and support your continued illumination and Divine upliftment.

My continued love and Divine support.

Namaste, beautiful Ones.


Note from SanRa:

I so hope you will join us. This feels absolutely phenomenal to me. I just cannot wait to be together again with Betelgeuse for this Divine guidance on our cosmic ascension path.

Upon making payment, you are part of the group and will be participating on the inner planes, even when you listen to the recording later.

  • Guidance from Betelgeuse for your cosmic ascension process
  • Heightened energetic frequency in your being
  • Divine upliftment in your cellular and atomic structure
  • Beautiful loving energy and Divine support