Richard Whitehurst Webinar Bundle with Personal Session


  • Recording of Introduction to Mystical Synchronicity Webinar
  • EBook: Heart-Dreaming: Living Mythically from the Heart
  • Mini-sessions of 40 minutes
  • Awakening the Spiritual Heart Webinar

Richard Whitehurst Webinar Bundle with Personal Session


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: How To Experience Your Life As A Reality-wave of On-going Synchronicities

In this conversation we address a variety of perspectives on the topic of synchronicity. Experienced as a volcanic eruption of deep meaning within one’s life, a synchronicity often changes one’s life-direction and re-orients the individual toward greater wholeness, and new categories of unity that illuminate the many facets of one’s intrinsic soul-purposes.

This term – synchronicity – was coined by the great psychologist of the soul C.G. Jung to describe a mystical experience wherein two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, are powerfully experienced as occurring together in a way that is meaningful – most often deeply meaningful. Far more than mere coincidence – synchronicity points to the metaphysical orchestration of our lives and almost always results in states of awe, wonder and loving connection.

We discuss ways of contextualizing one’s life to make one more prone to the occurrence of synchronicities. We discuss the idea of living lucidly, as if in a waking-dream, and how that aligns with orientations and suggestions offered by masters down through the ages.

We also introduce a very practical orientation for living life that moves us out of the reactive conditioning of ‘impact-causation’ and into a more empowering and responsive ‘resonant-causation’. This supports our creative involvement in crafting our lives through our preferences rather than as outcomes of all too often subconscious dissociative conditioning. Living within these orientations brings about the end to boredom and a deepening of excitement, joy, meaning, purpose, vitality, and awareness of our deepest purposes for being on this planet right now in the human experience.

Item 2:  EBook: Heart-Dreaming: Living Mythically from the Heart is a true account of what might be described as a cosmic-scale synchronicity. It occurred on the last winter solstice of the last millennium, at sunrise, under impossible circumstances. It is told by the two phases of the beating heart of the author (Richard Whitehurst) and takes the reader on a journey into life-enhancing and profoundly luminous futures … all within about 30 minutes!

Item 3: 40 Minute Mini-Session

Mini-sessions of 40 minutes will be process-oriented to catalyse your synchro-mystical life patterns. You have a choice from below

  1. Diminishing/Eliminating Blockages to Aliveness and Synchronicity
  2. Programming for Synchronicities.
  3. Connecting and Deepening Your Relationship with The Spiritual Heart.

Plus his latest Webinar: Richard Whitehurst | Webinar Bundle

Item 4: Awakening the Spiritual Heart Webinar

Acquire profound insights about your deep spiritual heart, and about how living from that central location or 4th ‘chakra’ within the physical body opens you up to the entire spectrum of the ascending realities of the spiritual worlds – known in the ancient Sanskrit language as ‘Vaikuntha’ – self-luminous realms beyond all measurements and limitations. In this two part 3 hour workshop you will be given an array of powerful orientations to tangibly move deeper into the timeless realities of the Spiritual Heart Realms.

Various other more immediate and practical tools will be offered and an array of examples about the pervasiveness of heart-centred living as found in just about every spiritual tradition to have existed. The conclusion available from this category of heart-centred orientations is the reawakening of love, and the bliss that accompanies that love. This has nothing to do with the definition of love from a wounded childhood, but rather the deepest reality of love that continuously unfolds, dynamically, as the living primordial foundation for all that exists. This awakening of the Spiritual Heart is your gateway into the joys of Infinity called ‘Ananda.’

In this powerful training, you will discover:

  • Establish powerful coherent states between the physical heart and the brain

  • Find out about what is being held in the heart center that keeps love out of one’s life

  • Touch upon the presence of the infinite there within the heart.

  • Gain awareness of the love that is intrinsic to the heart-center.

  • Feel the peace of heart-presencing and a deep sense of reassurance the ultimately ‘Everything will be OK!”

  • Open a relationship to the param-atma or the supreme self or the ‘higher-self’ that abides in the heart.