Mastery Empowerment Course: Tune Yourself to Frequency of LOVE:

How to Use Vocal Sound To Raise Vibration and Heal

Mastery Empowerment Course: Tune Yourself to Frequency of LOVE:


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Become the leader of your temple and the master of your destiny by using your own sound to tune yourself to a thriving YOU.
Emotional reactivity, limited negative thinking, feeling triggered, and trying to figure out mysterious body aches, all can be soothed through the power of your voice tuning you to Love. Step out of living with daily stress and step into a new paradigm of sustained ease and joy.

Whether you have singing experience or not, all are welcome to come to learn this new power you have with your voice.
If you have had blocks with using your voice your whole life, this is a safe place for you to come process that and finally be free.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will enjoy:

  • A Light Code Activation Sound Bath,
  • Potent breath work practices to clear and strengthen your respiratory system & Voice
  • Learn an easy 5-step system to open your voice, learn to sound and tone
  • Learn 2 easy Mantras to remove blocks and reset your energy
  • Learn to Tone the Chakras in a fresh new way, to clear old programming, process emotions, and strengthen the endocrine system
  • Learn how to do Vocal Healing On yourself using the energy of Love and Source

Free Bonus: Complimentary 20 min sound bath download,
A Light Language Activation for aligning with your natural high vibration with bilateral beats for ease with reprogramming and resetting your frequency.