Healing Channeling Sessions

3 Healing Channeling Sessions


5 Healing Channeling Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

The Body Code® releases and realigns physical, mental and spiritual imbalances or misalignments; The Emotion Code® releases trapped emotions and clears your Heart Wall, HeartThread® releases old patterns, conditioning and reconnects you to your self-authority. These energetic healing modalities open you to the ability to shift your belief systems from self limiting to self enhancing. A channeling session brings you the Angelic wisdom and healing guidance from the highest levels of God-Consciousness. Perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones along with the book “The Path of the Spiritual Warrior”

For optimal healing, I offer a special discount for prepaying and scheduling 3 full combination/hour-long Emotion Code®, HeartThread® or Channeling sessions. If you have a “heart wall,” 3 sessions will usually be adequate to clear it, which can change your life dramatically. I will commit to working with you at no extra cost to clear your Heart-Wall, even if it requires a few more sessions, and your subconscious mind allows it.

Save $90 by purchasing 3 Personal Energy Healing/Channeling sessions for $300 or NEW! – Save 30% – $450 for 5 Sessions ! Each 1 hour Body Code®, Emotion Code®, HeartThread or Channeling session is usually $130. Get three sessions at the discounted rate of $300 or 5 sessions for $450s.