Special Offer 4: Coming into Sarah’s Embrace – A New Way to Live

4 recorded classes, each around 110 minutes + her latest MEC and Offers 2 & 3

Special Offer 4: Coming into Sarah's Embrace - A New Way to Live


In this course of 4 sessions you’ll learn:

  1. Why you’re feeling drawn to work with Sarah! How to Call Sarah in (& why!) with easy to use prayers, chants and practices.
  2. Sarah’s Flame. Sarah has a threefold flame that represents the Archetypal energy that she is bringing through. You’ll get to experience each aspect of the flame, Sarah’s Lilac Violet Flame, The White Flame of Divinity and Sarah’s Green Flame, as well as experiencing the Flame in Oneness! You’ll hear about how Sarah’s Flame helps us, but also how it works on the Earth.
  3. Coming into Oneness. Sarah’s Presence starts to Integrate All That We Are. You’ll learn how to use her healing technique so that you can become ever more integrated with your Soul and Higher Self.
  4. The Cosmic Sarah and Earth! In the last class, you’ll receive the Sarah Pleiadean energy, learn about Sarah’s connection with your DNA and the Ancestors, and what her true work is with us at this time in our evolutionary process and development.

Sarah is the most incredible ally to assist us as we walk our path into the New Age of Aquarius! You’ll discover:

  • why Sarah is stepping forward for you now
  • how to connect with and benefit from Sarah’s energy for every level of your daily life
  • how to bring yourself into greater Oneness, integrating more and more of your Soul & Higher Self
  • how Sarah’s Flame is helping to manifest the New Earth