Mastery Empowerment Course: Purifying Clairaudience Passages Workshop

with Christel Hughes and Amanda Hopkins

Mastery Empowerment Course: Purifying Clairaudience Passages Workshop


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Illuminating Divine Dialogue…Clearing, Clarifying and Amplifying your Ears, Nose, Throat, and Sinus Channels for Healing + Cosmic Clairaudience

Unlock the gateway to celestial wisdom and spiritual guidance with our groundbreaking workshop. Delve into the profound connection between these bodily channels and the expansion of your Clairaudience abilities.

Discover how blockages in these areas hinder your ability to receive Divine messages and communicate your truth. Through a series of transformative sessions, we'll delve into the emotional roots of congestion, clearing the way for clarity and connection to your Celestial allies.

In each meticulously crafted segment, we'll target specific areas of the body, guiding you through techniques to release pent-up emotional energy and physical blockages. By nurturing the triangle formed between the ear chakras and the throat chakra, you'll open pathways for the pure transmission of spiritual guidance. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing, you'll not only enhance your Clairaudience abilities but also gain the confidence to speak and embody your truth authentically.

Join us for an illuminating experience where you'll purify your passages for Celestial channeling to come online. As you upgrade your passages, you’ll find yourself more attuned to your spiritual guidance, able to communicate your truth with clarity, and channel the wisdom of the Celestial realm.

Embrace the light of Truth as it flows freely through your being, empowering you to embrace your spiritual gifts and navigate your life's journey with clarity, purpose, and divine guidance.


by Christel Hughes & Amanda Hopkins

~ Live group, deep dive clearing call

Group Call (Value: $333)

The internal connection of Sacred passageways between the ears, nose, throat and sinuses enables your body to receive and interpret vibrations in your environment and body so you can use that information to gain insights about what’s happening around you and within.

This sophisticated system of relaying information and assigning meaning to what’s received as encoded light waves (higher or lower level frequencies) can get completely clogged, stuffed up or otherwise compromised. When that happens, you can’t accurately receive and interpret heightened communication and your physical body structures in these areas become attuned to lower level communications.

It’s important to identify and shift your current consciousness held in each space so that you can entrain these sacred body structures and passageways to absorb and emit your Higher Soul Guidance and illuminated essences.

These illuminated essences are your resonant Soul Frequencies that will keep your Sacred, sophisticated passageways open, flowing and available to ever-expansive waves of consciousness that bring heightened breath and light into the body!



Amanda will take you on a journey through your physical body structures where you’ll assess the current conditions and energetic conditioning + influences driving function and flow in these spaces.

For each area you’ll transform consciousness that warps that structures and skews the vibrational frequencies passing through - animating the Sacred Light Grid that will restore that body area’s specific, ideal Divine Blueprint of operation.

The processes you’ll move through will aid balancing fluids, removing congestion (mucus, ear wax, dust, etc.) and optimizing air flow through your ear, nose, throat and sinus passages for optimized vibrational sound wave processing reflected as harmony in the body - especially with the senses.


Dismantle energetic overlays, intrusion wires pulling passageways out of place and other distortion paradigms that lead to dyssynchronous harmonics (ears ringing, hearing impairment)

  • Eardrum Repair - perforations, ruptures, retraction… tympanic reconstruction for improved protection (especially from infection) and sound wave interpretation (i.e. accurate hearing)
  • Cochlear Harmonization for enhanced sound signal processing (effective conversion of sound waves to accurately perceive pitch)
  • Vestibular Enhancement for improved balance & spatial orientation
  • Unclog Eustachian Tubes for air pressure equalization and ideal fluid drainage


Optimize mucus membranes in nostrils, nasal cavity, septum and turbinates (conchae) to:

  • Effectively humidify inhaled air and bring it to ideal temperature for respiratory system
  • Remove harmful pollutants, toxins or pathogens breathed in

Cleanse and Purify Olfactory receptors for increased smell

Restructuring Septum and Nasopharynx to ensure ideal flow of breath from nostrils to lungs (help alleviate difficulties breathing, congestion, recurring sinus infection - all related to deviated septum)

Sacred Significance: Septum plays a role in separating pure, Divine Breath from polluted, toxic breath that’s expelling toxins (energies that don’t align with your Soul’s Divinity at a Spiritual Level)


Restore balanced motility (muscle movement) for swallowing and speaking

consciousness that constricts or hardens muscle movement in pharynx (throat) inhibits respiration, effective communication and digestive function (swallowing + movement of food/liquids to stomach)

DIVINE RECONNECTION: Awaken Sacred Remembrance of inner connectivity between our senses (that perceive emanations of the World around us) and the flow of light through sensory filters to the body via Divine Light Channels including the throat (mind-body connection passageway)


Sinus Cavities Purification + Mucus Membranes Optimization for relief from Sinus pressure, facial pain, congestion, nasal discharge, and headache

Sacred Soul Resonance Recalibration - remove interferences that influence your voice quality (vocal sounds) to upgrade your Sinuses as Divine Resonance Chambers (speaking your Soul Truth!)





Unlocking the full potential of one's clairaudience isn’t just a journey of spiritual awakening, but a profound invitation to align with the Higher frequencies of the Universe and the 5th Dimensional plane. The 5th dimension is our new foundation to build a connection for greater Clairaudient communication.

Our ears, nose, throat, and sinus cavities (5th + ear chakras) serve as sacred gateways to receive 6th - 7th dimensional Divine guidance and wisdom. But they can often become clogged with energetic blockages and emotional debris that hinder our ability to tune into the subtle whispers of the soul.

By addressing these blockages through the transformative power of Metatron's Cube and Reiki Rays, we embark on a journey of deep healing and liberation. Together, we will delve into the unconventional issues that may impede clairaudient abilities, unraveling the knots of past traumas, releasing the grip of limiting beliefs (doubt), and clearing the path for Divine communication to flow freely.

Here’s what we’ll clear:

  • Echoing Frequencies: Sensitivity to overlapping or echoing frequencies can distort incoming spiritual messages, making it challenging to discern their true meaning.
  • Psychic White Noise: Psychic "white noise" generated by a cluttered mind or overwhelming psychic input may drown out subtle spiritual messages, leading to confusion or misinterpretation.
  • Etheric Radio Static: Interference from energetic disturbances or external influences can create static or disruption in the spiritual "radio signal," hindering the reception of clear messages.
  • Karmic Echoes: Residual echoes from past-life experiences or karmic ties may reverberate in the psychic realm, causing confusion or difficulty in accessing clear guidance in the present.
  • Frequency Interference: Blockages or imbalances in the energetic pathways related to clairaudience can create "frequency jams," reducing and impeding the flow of clear spiritual communication.
  • Psychic Signal Jamming: External psychic interference or psychic attacks can jam the psychic "signal," canceling it out and making it difficult for individuals to tune in to their intuitive guidance with clarity.
  • Spiritual White Noise: Overwhelm from psychic "white noise," such as collective consciousness or global energetic shifts, can drown out individual spiritual messages, leading to confusion or doubt.
  • Energetic Static Cling: Energetic attachments or residual energy from past interactions can cling to the auric field, creating static or interference in the reception of clear spiritual messages.
  • Psychogenic Feedback Loop: Unresolved emotional or psychological issues can create a feedback loop in the psychic realm, distorting the reception of spiritual guidance and causing confusion or uncertainty.
  • Cognitive Skeptic Interference: Deep-seated skepticism or doubt about one's clairaudience abilities can create interference in the psychic "signal," blocking the receptivity to clear spiritual messages and intuitive insights.

Through this sacred work, we empower ourselves to listen with clarity, speak our truth with authenticity, and navigate the complexities of life with unwavering guidance from the Celestial realms. Join in on this extraordinary journey of spiritual expansion and awakening as we strengthen our 5th dimensional foundation of connection, open our hearts and minds to the boundless wisdom and love that await us beyond the veils of perception.


Beyond simply clearing and purifying the clairaudience channel lies a realm of infinite possibility and divine connection. As we embark on this journey of spiritual awakening, we step into the role of cosmic conduits, channels through which the celestial symphony of the universe can flow freely.

No longer bound by the constraints of the physical world, we transcend the limitations of the ego and merge with the boundless expanses of cosmic consciousness. In this state of heightened awareness, we become vessels of divine inspiration, channeling the wisdom of the ages and the guidance of celestial beings with effortless grace.

Our senses are heightened, our intuition sharpened, and our hearts ablaze with the fire of divine love. We radiate with the luminous energy of the stars, illuminating the path for ourselves and others as we journey ever deeper into the realms of light and truth. With each breath, we attune ourselves to the symphony of the cosmos, dancing in harmony with the celestial rhythms of creation.

Embracing our role as spiritual channels, we embody the fullness of our divine potential, shining brightly as beacons of love, wisdom, and transformation in a world hungry for enlightenment.