Private Sessions with Nedda Wittels

Choose either Animal Communication or Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

Private Sessions with Nedda Wittels


2 Payment Option Available

Choose ONE of the following private sessions to experience the benefits of working with a skilled, compassionate, supportive, heart-centered Ascension guide and teacher.

Animal Communication.

Your animals are experiencing the ascension process, too.  They’re feeling all the stress you’re feeling, and they’re struggling to support you with love and to keep their own bodies, hearts, and minds in balance.

Experience “live simultaneous translation” of your animal’s perspective received telepathically.  Participate in the conversation as it happens.  Expand your awareness of your animal’s perspectives, thoughts, and feelings.  Deepen your connection with your animal companions as you work together to resolve issues and make decisions affecting your lives together.  Learn ways to help you and your animal through these challenging times.

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching.

You experience in life whatever you choose.  Are you choosing Consciously?

In a private coaching session, you can take steps to

  • Restore your personal power and create clarity, harmony, and balance within so that your world will reflect your new choices;
  • Discover that you can follow your Soul path and achieve your personal goals;
  • Connect with and receive guidance from your I Am Presence, your own Divine Self.
  • Shift into 5-D Consciousness as you address specific issues you are working on.
  • Experience the power of the Emotion Code™, a system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to clear away emotional blocks that are holding you back.