Embody Your Higher Self From Within Package

Three one-on-one 1-hour sessions

Which includes Peter’s Latest Mastery Empowerment Course

Embody Your Higher Self From Within Package

  • Regular Price $763 Save $208

2 Payment Option Available

“Embody Your Higher Self From Within” 3-sessions Package – Three one- on-one 1-hour sessions with Peter and Archangel Gabriel for $555.00, including the Mastery Empowerment Bundle of 5 Recorded Workshops (Reg $666+97=$763 Value) You Save $208.00

Connect with your higher self with Divine Angelic Guidance – a Unique one-on-one three, 1-hour session ascension package that will accelerate your transformational process and prepare you for multidimensional access.

We focus on identifying and releasing old unconscious selves, establishing a deeper inner conscious connection, and creating alignment with high-frequency energy and light codes that have become vital to the new earth reality.

An angelic frequency tune-up is integral to each 60-minute session to align and sync up your entire energy body.

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