Package A: 30 Minute Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session

Which includes Peter’s Webinar on November 20th

30 Minute Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session

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During your psychic angelic readings & healing session, I will be answering any questions you have in complete alignment with the intentions you had expressed with me before your session started.

I will give you answers, bridge connections, and offer spiritual alignment with what you want to experience and create in your life. Followed by cord-cutting from old programming clears any out-of-tune energies and attachments with an angelic frequency tune-up that will align and sync your entire energy body.

Bonus 1: Take Your Spiritual Practice to the Next Level

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Through my work with so many over the years I have a wealth of wisdom to share from my work. I will facilitate the building blocks in this course to create a new template or foundation that allows the participants to magnify their creative potential and success and build their dreams with a desire for freedom and living consciously without any limitations.

  • Connecting with your angels, guides and gather your council.
  • What does it mean to learn through your own life’s journey and teach by example?
  • Walk your talk and always be ethically and consciously aligned.
  • How to gain your client’s trust.
  • I will outline what healthy boundaries as a business operator look like through my experience.
  • Observe, let go and re-align yourself at all times.

My clients come from all parts of life, and it’s primarily awake or newly awakened souls ready to take the spiritual journey to another level with an experienced guide by their side, learning to manifest the lives of their dreams. It doesn’t matter what work they do; what is essential is their deep desire to share their light and co-create a better world. Some examples include published authors, business owners, professional healers and readers, actors and celebrities, therapists, reiki masters, sound healers, and higher-ups in big and small companies.

Bonus 2: Changing the Story, From Emptiness to Everything Makes Sense

Downloads now available.

In this particular workshop with Peter and Lauren, our focus will be on a better understanding of the spiritual transformation we all are experiencing through Love and grace to best navigate the changes and challenges we are currently facing. Making connections that will open one’s heart, mind, and soul, allowing you to see the world in whole a new way—through unity consciousness, being at service, and coming together united by Love and raising the collective consciousness. Creating better understanding through Love and grace to best navigate the changes and challenges we are currently facing.


  1. Changing the Story from emptiness to everything makes sense.
  2. Collapsing unwanted negative thoughts about others as it’s unfolding in your mind’s eye. (Aligning your whole being, your words, your thoughts)

    Example: You are out on a hike and pass a person or a small group on the trail, you say hi or good morning with a smile, but they don’t even notice you. How you acknowledge people you run into who are not present in your present reality, and how important it is not to make up a story about them being bad or less than you in your mind. And not making excuses or judgments about them and assigning them to a category (separation timelines.)

    You would want to be a Being a conscious observer without any attachments. Divinely Trusting that they Most likely didn’t even see you, to begin with, but were too distracted and occupied to notice anything outside their busy mind.

  3. Leaving Old Realities Behind.
  4. Guilt and Manipulation, others in your life still living in lack and fear. Suffering and holding themselves back, and you too if you allow it!
  5. You left your job, partner, the old life; now what?
  6. The importance of meditation and sleep.

This offer includes assisting Video Upgrade plus a Bonus Guided Nighttime Meditation.